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Always Operationally Prepared to Defend LAC and LOC : Chief of the Northern Command

The Chief of the Northern Command, Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi, reaffirmed India’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its borders, asserting that the army is “always operationally prepared” on both the Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan and the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China. His comments came during the North Tech Symposium 2023 at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jammu, highlighting the military’s vigilance and readiness to meet any challenges.

Lt Gen Dwivedi emphasized the army’s continuous operational preparedness along the LoC and LAC. This proactive stance is essential to address potential threats from Pakistan and China effectively. India’s commitment to maintaining a strong defensive posture underscores its determination to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Northern Command’s leader made it unequivocally clear that no one would be allowed to encroach upon Indian territory. Regardless of the region he oversees, Lt Gen Dwivedi affirmed that safeguarding India’s borders is paramount, and any intrusion would not be tolerated.

Addressing the situation in Ladakh, Lt Gen Dwivedi described it as “normal and very nice.” This statement reflects the stability and security maintained in the region, dispelling concerns about the current state of affairs. It also reaffirms the Indian Army’s effectiveness in safeguarding Ladakh’s borders.

The Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, Brig (retd) BD Mishra, echoed the army’s sentiment by stating that “not an inch of Indian land has been occupied” by China in the region. This assertion counters claims made by certain political figures, highlighting the government’s commitment to transparency regarding border issues.

India and China have been embroiled in a prolonged border standoff in eastern Ladakh for the past three years. This conflict escalated with a deadly clash in Galwan Valley in June 2020, resulting in casualties on both sides. Despite the challenges, diplomatic channels have remained open, with the 19th round of Corps Commander-level talks held in August.

Lt Gen Dwivedi also commended the Rashtriya Rifles for their outstanding work in Counter-Insurgency and Counter-Terrorism (CI/CT) operations within the country. Their efforts play a crucial role in maintaining peace and security in India’s hinterland.


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