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Another Country In China’s Backyard Could Get US Defense System As Tensions Mount With Beijing

In its ongoing efforts to counteract China’s increasing influence in the region, the United States is contemplating permanently deploying its advanced Patriot air defense systems in the Pacific island nation of Palau.

Due to its strategically advantageous position between the US territory of Guam and the Philippines, Palau has steadily grown as a critical partner for the US military. 

In line with this strategic imperative, the United States has scheduled over-the-horizon radar systems in Palau for 2026, aiming to bolster air and maritime situational awareness across the region for the benefit of US forces. 

However, Palau has expressed concerns that installing radar systems could make the nation a more attractive target in a conflict, prompting the island country to request the permanent deployment of Patriot air defense systems as a defensive measure. 

Palau President Surangel Whipps stated that the United States and Palau are engaged in discussions regarding the permanent placement of advanced missile defense systems in the Pacific island nation.

During the earlier military exercises, Patriot systems were temporarily deployed to the area. But, recognizing the strategic importance of these defense systems, the island has submitted a formal request for their permanent deployment within its territory. 

The president said, “I think we made it clear to the US that if you’re going to have a radar site in Palau, you should also have Patriot missiles to defend us if we’re under attack.”

According to a spokesperson from the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon regularly conducts assessments to determine the necessary capabilities and assets to be stationed or rotated across its military installations, including areas with access.

The spokesperson stated, “We remain deeply committed to our defense responsibilities in Palau… and look forward to continuing dialogue with Palau on US force posture there.”

With that said, deploying over-the-horizon radar systems in Palau is paramount for enhancing the United States’ surveillance capabilities in the region.

A state-of-the-art Over-the-Horizon Radar (OTHR) system located in Palau can provide crucial support to both space-based and land-based sensor and weapon systems. 

Its primary functions encompass the potential to cue and offer early warning for various threats, including hypersonic weapons, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, enemy aircraft, and naval vessels.

One of the most notable advantages of Over-the-Horizon Radar (OTHR) technology is its capacity to facilitate uninterrupted monitoring of designated areas. 

Achieving such continuous surveillance would typically demand deploying many radar systems across vast land, airspace, and maritime domains simultaneously. However, achieving such coverage may be neither feasible nor practical in many instances.

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Strategic Significance Of Palau In US Efforts To Counter China

As an independent nation, Palau maintains a well-established historical relationship with the United States, governed by the 1994 Compacts of Free Association (COFA) agreement, which outlines the military ties between the two nations.

Over the years, the US military has utilized Palau’s islands extensively for various military exercises. For instance, during the Valiant Shield 2022 exercise, a significant milestone was reached with the first-ever launch of a Patriot surface-to-air missile system in Palau.

The success highlighted the system’s potential importance in safeguarding TACMOR (The Theater Air Control, Missile Defense of the Republic) during a potential conflict.

Furthermore, in July 2023, US Army air defenders from the 1-1 Air Defense Artillery Battalion, 38th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, deployed from Japan to the Republic of Palau. 

Their mission also included conducting a Patriot live-fire exercise at Roman Tmetuchl International Airport as part of the Northern Edge Exercise 23-2.

Palau, a nation that has historically enjoyed economic support from the United States as part of a mutually beneficial agreement that spans several decades, is also facing mounting concerns over China’s increasingly assertive maritime presence in the vicinity of its territorial waters. 

Palau’s President highlighted instances of a Chinese research vessel operating within Palau’s exclusive economic zone without the necessary permits, which occurred in both May and August.

Whipps expressed concern over what he views as a clear violation of international law, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rule of law.

Furthermore, he voiced suspicion that these Chinese vessels may have been engaged in maneuvers to study the feasibility of disrupting undersea cables during potential crises, impacting vital communication infrastructure.

In light of these developments, President Whipps emphasized the importance of US military presence in the region to deter such activities. He also advocated for increased port visits by US Navy ships to enhance security and stability in the area. 

Considering China’s escalating assertiveness in the region, it appears increasingly likely that the US military may opt to station the Patriot defense system in Palau permanently. However, the specific timeline for such a deployment will hinge on the ongoing discussions and negotiations between Palau and the United States.

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