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Armenia has placed orders for Pinaka MK-1, Pinaka-ER and Pinaka Guided

Source : Defence Blog

Armenia has placed orders for Pinaka MK-1, Pinaka-ER and Pinaka Guided

According to local media reports, Armenia’s acquisition includes the Pinaka Mk1 and Mk1 Enhanced rocket launchers. The Pinaka system, known for its versatility and firepower, offers a range of 40 to 75 kilometers. This purchase signals Armenia’s intent to phase out its aging Russian-made Grad BM-21 systems in favor of more advanced weaponry.

A typical battery of Pinaka consists of six launcher systems, complemented by loader-cum-replenishment vehicles, replenishment vehicles, and a command post vehicle equipped with essential fire control systems and meteorological radar.

Multiple pods for Pinaka Mk1/Mk1 Enhanced rockets were spotted in a Bharat Shakti video, showcasing the Pinaka production facility. These pods are likely indicative of preparations for Pinaka exports to Armenia.


The Pinaka MBRLS is the result of collaborative efforts between several entities in India’s defense industry. Tata Electric and L&T played key roles in developing the launcher and command post vehicle, while the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) contributed to rocket development. Additionally, OFB and Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML) collaborated on the Loader-cum-Replenishment Vehicle.

The decision to acquire Pinaka rocket launchers aligns with Armenia’s strategic interests and ongoing military modernization efforts amid tensions with Azerbaijan. The Pinaka Mk-1 system has already demonstrated its effectiveness during previous operations, including the Kargil conflict (between India and Pakistan from May to July 1999).

India’s defense industry has invested significantly in the production capacity of Pinaka rockets, with plans in place to manufacture over 5,000 units. The export of Pinaka Mk-1 launchers to Armenia not only boosts India’s defense exports but also ensures the sustainability of production capabilities and associated employment opportunities.



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