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Australian Opposition leader Peter Dutton to visit India with 20 top industrialists

Australian Opposition leader Peter Dutton to visit India with 20 top industrialists
Australian Opposition leader Peter Dutton to visit India with 20 top industrialists 5

New Delhi: Australia’s Opposition Leader and former Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, is set to make a momentous visit to India accompanied by a delegation of 20 influential industrialists.

This visit is in preparation for their participation in a pivotal 4-day Economic Trade Delegation Summit, scheduled to commence on November 1.

The delegation is organised by the India-Australia Strategic Alliance, under the guidance of its Chairman, Dr Jagvinder Singh Virk, who is committed to promoting strategic trade between India and Australia.

This visit comes as a response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitation to Peter Dutton, with the primary aim of establishing a Strategic Trade Alliance for mutual investments between the two nations.

The event, known as the Economic Trade Delegation Summit, is slated to take place at the Hotel Leela Palace from November 1-4, 2023 and its primary objective is to foster prosperous trade and business alliances, building upon the Free Trade Agreement inked by the Indian and Australian Governments in 2022.

This year’s Economic Trade Delegation carries the overarching theme, “Driving Businesses to the Next Effective Levels,” signifying its goal to enhance growth and productivity across various sectors.

The summit focuses on industries such as Education, Space, Agriculture, Information Technology, Health Care, Financial Technology, Rural Development, Defence, and Renewable Energy. India’s vast and diverse population adds significant weight to the role of social enterprises in driving business success. These enterprises strike a balance between profitability and social impact, making them instrumental in international collaborations.

The summit further underscores the pivotal role played by business mentorship, funding support, and market understanding in enabling the success of global partnerships. By emphasizing the significance of social enterprises, this initiative aligns with the developmental goals of both India and Australia, contributing to the prosperity of both nations.

Peter Dutton’s visit signifies his commitment to strengthening the relationship between Australia and India. As the leader of the Liberal Party, his inaugural visit to India follows a resounding victory in a recent referendum. This visit not only highlights his expanding leadership roles but also underscores his deep appreciation for India. It is a testament to the evolving and essential bilateral relationship between the two nations.

The Economic and Trade Delegation, set for November 1-4, 2023, includes focused sessions designed to maximize the impact of businesses and support systems that promote the growth of Indian and Australian companies.

In a cultural engagement aspect of the visit, the delegation will pay a visit to the Akshardham Temple on the morning of November 1 and offer their respects at the Sri Bangla Sahib Gurdwara on the morning of November 2, 2023.

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