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Embraer offers local production of 26-ton C-390 Millennium transport aircraft to India; In talks with HAL

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Embraer offers local production of 26-ton C-390 Millennium transport aircraft to India; In talks with HAL
Brazilian Embraer C-390 Millennium Medium Transport Aircraft on display at recently concluded Aero India 2023 in Bengaluru, India.

According to some reports, The Embraer has shown interest in submitting a bid for the medium cargo weight aircraft under the Indian Defense tender. The Indian military forces will find this aircraft to be very useful. The C-390 Millennium, a medium-sized, twin-engine, jet-powered military transport aircraft, was flown to India for Aero India 2023 by the Brazilian multinational aerospace manufacturer.

The C-390, which can carry a 26-ton payload of cargo, has been confirmed to be precisely adapted for Indian high-altitude missions by Embraer experts who spoke to HAL. The company is eager to provide the Transporter to the IAF for technical trials in order to demonstrate its capabilities.

The aircraft was designed to operate on semi-prepared or damaged runways as well as in hostile environments, ranging from hot & humid to cold, dry conditions.

The C-390 has been marketed as a jet-powered alternative to the C-130 Hercules produced by Lockheed Martin. In April 2013, Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and the Czech Republic signed agreements for a total of 60 C-390

Three crew membersโ€”two pilots and one loadmaster can control it. 

It measures 115.6 feet in length, 115 feet in wingspan, and 38.10 feet in height. Moreover, this aircraft can carry up to 23,000 kg of fuel, extending its range to up to 5,820 km, and it has maximum takeoff weight of 87 tonnes. Its ferry range is 9,500 km, and it can reach maximum ceiling height of 36,000 ft.

The aircraft is propelled by two IAE V2500-E5 turbofans, each with a thrust of 139.4 kN (31,330 lbf). and has a maximum speed of 988 km/hr and a maximum cruise distance of 870 km. It boasts the most recent design and the most advanced technology currently found in most modern airplanes.

Embraer already is having initial talks with the Indian state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to jointly manufacture C-390 Transporter aircraft in the country with a high degree of Transfer of Technology and indigenous content in the aircraft if it wins the tender.
The Embraer firm, which also produces high-quality private jets and commercial airplanes, designed this aircraft. Now, the Brazilian, Portugal, and Argentina Air Forces are in charge of operating this aircraft.



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