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Extended BrahMos Cruise Missile Cleared for Induction in Navy

Extended BrahMos Cruise Missile Cleared for Induction in Navy

Against the backdrop of heightened concerns regarding the presence of three Chinese warships, a submarine, and a research vessel in the Indian Ocean region, India has demonstrated its strategic capabilities by successfully test-firing the extended-range BrahMos cruise missile. The test, conducted from a warship in the Bay of Bengal, marks a significant achievement, paving the way for the missile’s induction into the Indian Navy.

The supersonic BrahMos missile, launched from an indigenously-built stealth destroyer by the eastern fleet, achieved a precision hit. This successful test, part of the pre-induction trial, demonstrated the missile’s capability to strike with pinpoint accuracy after performing high-level and extremely complex maneuvers.

BrahMos, developed through an Indo-Russian joint venture, is a two-stage missile equipped with a solid propellant booster engine in its first stage and a second stage liquid ramjet. This configuration enables the missile to attain speeds approaching Mach 3 during the cruise phase.

India’s full membership in the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) led to the removal of caps on the range of the BrahMos cruise missile. As a result, the strike range of this nine-meter-long missile has been extended from 290 km to over 450 km, enhancing its capabilities as a formidable strike weapon.

The successful test-firing of the BrahMos missile from an Indian Navy destroyer in the Bay of Bengal reaffirms its effectiveness as a prime strike weapon. This capability ensures the warship’s invincibility by engaging naval surface targets at extended ranges, further enhancing the Indian Navy’s strategic prowess.

India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has already secured contracts with BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited for the procurement of next-generation maritime mobile coastal batteries and BrahMos missiles. Valued at approximately ?1,700 crore, this initiative is set to commence delivery in 2027, further bolstering India’s defense capabilities.

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