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First glimpse of DRDO’s much awaited AD-2 exo-atmospheric interceptor leaked online

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First images of the much awaited AD-2 exo-atmospheric interceptor from India, created by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), have surfaced on social media, mostly on X (formerly Twitter). This picture shows off the sophisticated missile system’s architecture and reaffirms India’s resolve to improve its ballistic missile defence capabilities.

First glimpse of DRDO’s much awaited AD-2 exo-atmospheric interceptor leaked online

First glimpse of DRDO's much awaited AD-2 exo-atmospheric interceptor leaked online

The looming missile with two separate stages is shown in the leaked photograph. The larger first stage is most likely home to the powerful solid rocket motor that propels the missile to high altitudes, while the smaller second stage is home to the critical Kinetic Kill Vehicle (KKV) and other critical payload.

The Chairman of the DRDO, Dr. Samir Kamat, has earlier confirmed that AD-2 will begin trials in late 2023 or early 2024.

Principal characteristics and importance of the AD-2 Interceptorโ€‹

  • Exo-atmospheric Interception: This system greatly increases India’s defence capabilities by engaging and destroying ballistic missiles outside of the Earth’s atmosphere at high altitudes.
  • Kinetic Kill Vehicle (KKV) with IIR Seeker: Outfitted with a KKV that is directed by an IIR seeker, allowing for accurate Hit-to-Kill (HTK) capabilities to strike and kill the approaching missile.
  • Phased Development and Deployment: AD-2 is the second phase of India’s Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) programme, which is intended to add to the Phase-I shield that is currently in operation.
  • Advanced Radar Integration: To improve detection and tracking even more, DRDO plans to incorporate new long-range radars with a scanning range of more than 1,500 km.
  • A Comprehensive Defence Against Ballistic Threats: It is anticipated that the AD-1 and AD-2 interceptors, in conjunction with the Phase-I BMD shield, will furnish resilient safeguards against an extensive spectrum of ballistic missile threats, including those presented by Pakistan and China. Furthermore, they are capable of confronting the obstacle presented by MIRV-equipped missiles.

Anticipated Schedule and Upcoming Eventsโ€‹

  • Maiden Trials: It has been reported that the AD-2’s maiden flight test is slated for late 2023 or early 2024.
  • Naval Integration: As part of development plans, the AD-2 will be tested and deployed from naval platforms, increasing its operational range.
  • Finalisation and Verification: By 2025, DRDO hopes to have finished testing and verifying the AD-1 and AD-2 interceptor missiles as well as the new long-range radars.

The picture of the AD-2 interceptor that was leaked acts as a concrete reminder of India’s noteworthy advancements in its BMD programme. The AD-2 is expected to be integrated into India’s current defence systems and has upgraded capabilities that will help fortify the country’s security against ballistic missile threats.



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