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HAL’s Tejas Mk1A to Feature Advanced Uttam AESA Radar from 41st Aircraft

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has provided an exciting update on the Tejas Mk1A, India’s indigenous light combat aircraft. It has been confirmed that the initial batch of Tejas Mk1A fighters will be equipped with the Israeli ELTA 2052 AESA Radar. However, starting with the 41st aircraft, the locally developed Uttam AESA Radar will be incorporated.

The Uttam AESA Radar offers significant advancements in radar technology, making it a compelling choice for the Tejas Mk1A. The development of this radar system has reached an advanced stage, with two flying testbeds already featuring the Uttam MkI AESA Radar. Moreover, most of the developmental trials have been successfully completed, demonstrating its superior performance compared to the ELTA 2052 AESA Radar in various technical parameters.

The Transfer of Technology (ToT) for the Uttam MkI AESA Radar has been handed over to a private sector company, which has manufactured the first batches of radar for developmental trials. This milestone marks a critical step towards self-reliance in radar technology for India’s defense forces.

The decision to equip the Tejas Mk1A with Uttam MkI AESA Radar is part of India’s ongoing efforts to enhance its indigenous defense capabilities. The radar system plays a crucial role in modern aircraft, enabling advanced tracking, targeting, and situational awareness capabilities.

In addition to the initial batch of 33 Tejas Mk1A aircraft, there are plans for an additional 97 Tejas Mk1A aircraft to be ordered by the end of the year. All of these future Tejas Mk1A fighters are expected to feature the highly capable Uttam MkI AESA Radar.

This development represents a significant leap forward in India’s defense technology and showcases the nation’s commitment to self-reliance and technological advancement in the aerospace and defense sector. The Uttam AESA Radar is set to bolster the capabilities of the Tejas Mk1A, positioning it as a formidable asset for India’s defense forces.





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