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How security forces pulled off a hugely challenging mission to gun down 29 Maoists after a 20-hour march

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After walking through difficult terrain for 20 long hours in the night and climbing some hills, the jawans of the District Reserve Guard (DRG) and the Border Security Force (BSF) closed in on their target and waited for the right time to pull the trigger and as the sun began to show them the vast expanse of a terrain, the action began.

It was a well-planned and executed mission that brought the synergy of the forces together, which helped them pull off one of the most successful anti-Maoist missions in the Bastar region. Actually, authorities have confirmed now that security forces killed the highest number of Maoisits in this mission.

“They were in a relaxed mood,” ToI quoted inspector Laxman Kewat, the Maoistsโ€™ nemesis, who has already killed 44 Maoists and was rewarded with six gallantry medals. Kewat was the leader of this difficult but well executed operation.

But, how did forces manage to surprise the highly organized Maoisits and inflict such heavy damage on them in their stronghold?

What makes Binagunda, one of the popular corridors for Maoists is its position, as it is situated next to Abujhmarh, which is nearby the Maharashtra border.

“Trijunctions like this are well known Maoist corridors,” the report highlighted, “considered out of reach of security forces, and hence safe for movement of senior commanders. This is where top Maoist leaders hold meetings to chalk out strategies.”Police got the information that Maoist divisional committee members Shankar Rao and Lalita had been holding meetings with local operatives and villagers in Binagunda since April 5. “The ministry of home affairs passed on the exact grid coordinates of the Maoist camp. The stage was set for Op Kanker,” according to the report.Security forces got the upper hand over their adversary, as Maoists didn’t expect to be attacked by them in this region, and they were a bit relaxed.

“As many as 79 Maoists have been eliminated since BJP formed the govt four months ago,” the police report highlighted, “but most of the action has been in Bijapur and Sukma thus far.”

The Maoists were also under the impression that the security forces would be focusing on the upcoming April 19 Lok Sabha election polls, which proved fatal for them. “Kanker goes to the polls on April 26, which probably made them believe they had time to breathe,” ToI quoted one police officer as saying.

“But they somehow sensed our presence,” recounted one of the officers involved in the encounter to TOI, “and there was a sudden flurry of activity.” Describing the intense situation, another officer stated, “Cadres used sign language with each other and immediately took positions to fire at us. Guns blazed from both sides. They were around 300 metres from us. We were in strong positions, behind trees and boulders.”

At around 3pm, the first shot rang out, and it wasnโ€™t until 7pm that silence returned to the hills. Even after sunset, as described, “bullets and screams pierced the darkness.”

Though Maoists were armed with automatic weapons, the ferocity and intensity of the attack left them completely shocked and they couldn’t retailiate.



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