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India is the first nation to engage multiple aerial targets with single missile unit: DRDO

India is the first nation to engage multiple aerial targets with single missile unit: DRDO

In a ground-breaking performance, India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) announced the successful engagement of four aerial targets at a 25-kilometer range using a single firing unit with command guidance. India is the first country to attain this capability, which is a major milestone for its air defence prowess.

The indigenously built Akash Weapon System was used in the successful test carried out by the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), together with other Indian firms, are the manufacturers of the Akash Weapon System, which was designed and developed by DRDO. This successful test made use of a system that has already been integrated into the IAF in 2019, demonstrating its operational readiness and efficacy.

Four targets were successfully engaged as a result of the flawless coordination of multiple crucial Akash subsystems, each of which was essential to the action:

  • 3D CAR Surveillance Radar: This long-range radar tracks and identifies approaching threats, giving the system its first target information.
  • FLR Track cum Guidance Radar: This radar effectively monitors the trajectory of the targets with pinpoint precision, directing the missiles towards their designated location.
  • FCC C2: Acting as the central nervous system for the system, the Firing Control Centre (FCC) coordinates information from all radars and sensors, computes launch trajectories, and issues firing commands.
  • SCC C4I: The System Control Centre facilitates smooth communication between different sub-units by managing the network and offering situational awareness.
  • Launcher (AAFL): The Akash Air Force Launcher (AAFL) precisely directs the missiles onto their targets.

This accomplishment represents multiple defence technological achievements for India:

  • Enhanced Multi-Target Tracking and Engagement: This capability of tracking and engaging four targets at once at such a distance is indicative of significant advancements in data processing, radar technology, and missile guidance systems. This greatly strengthens India’s air defence shield, enhancing defence against aerial attacks.
  • Efficiency of a Single Firing Unit: When a single firing unit is used to engage many targets, resource optimisation and operational efficiency are enhanced. This strengthens India’s air defence position by enabling speedier reaction times and threat neutralisation.
  • Indigenously Developed Technology: The Akash Weapon System’s achievement demonstrates the effectiveness of India’s domestic defence research and development programmes. This accomplishment presents India as a possible exporter of cutting-edge air defence technology and increases its autonomy in the defence industry.



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