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India Prepares to Test Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile: A Game-Changer for Naval Capabilities

India is on the verge of conducting the maiden test of a game-changing Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) set to redefine its naval capabilities. This highly anticipated trial, scheduled for early October, is poised to unleash a missile with an impressive range of 500 kilometers, surpassing the supersonic Indo-Russian cruise missile BrahMos.

Developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), this LRASM represents a significant leap forward in India’s maritime firepower.

Key Features of the LRASM:

  1. Impressive Range: The LRASM’s remarkable range of 500 kilometers will enable the Indian Navy to engage maritime targets at extended distances, enhancing its operational reach and effectiveness.
  2. DRDO’s Technological Prowess: The development of this advanced missile underscores DRDO’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of indigenous defense technology. The LRASM represents a major achievement in India’s quest for self-reliance in defense production.
  3. Future Naval Arsenal: While still in its initial stages of development, the LRASM holds immense promise for India’s naval arsenal. It is expected to be integrated into the Indian Navy’s warships within the next seven years, bolstering its maritime defense capabilities.
  4. Versatile Deployment: The LRASM’s long-range capabilities make it suitable for deployment on various naval platforms, including larger warships and submarines. This versatility will provide the Indian Navy with a potent tool for safeguarding its maritime interests.

The LRASM’s imminent test comes on the heels of India’s successful trial of its first indigenous short-range anti-ship missile, the Naval Anti-ship Missile-short range (NASM-SR), in May 2022. With a range of 55 kilometers, the NASM-SR is designed for deployment on attack helicopters.

While the supersonic BrahMos missile remains the primary anti-ship weapon for the Indian Navy, its weight has posed limitations for deployment on smaller vessels and helicopters. Collaborative efforts between India and Russia are ongoing to develop a lighter version of the BrahMos suitable for fighter jets. However, the LRASM fills a critical gap in India’s naval capabilities, offering extended range and flexibility for deployment on various naval assets.


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