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Indian Army to evaluate Made in India Hermes-450 UAV manufactured by Adani Defense

Source : IgMp Bureau

Indian Army to evaluate Made in India Hermes-450 UAV manufactured by Adani Defense
Elbit Hermes-450 UAV

Indian Army might evaluate the Hermes-450 Medium-Range Tactical UAV that is manufactured in India by Adani Defense in collaboration with Israel’s Elbit Systems for the export market.

Adani Defense has offered both Hermes-450 and Hermes-900 while the Indian Army has requested information from the company on Hermes-450 which has a service ceiling of 18,000 feet and an endurance of 17 hours.

All about Hermes-450 UAV

The Hermes 450 is a medium size UAV supplying real time intelligence data to ground forces. The UAV (length 6.1 m, wingspan 10.5 m and weight 450 kg), was designed for tactical long endurance missions.

With multi-payload capability (150 kg, 300 L, 1.6 kVA) the Hermes 450 is effective for ISTAR, SIGINT, communication relays and other missions for Division to Corps levels. It is powered by a 52 hp rotary UEL engine that provides a maximum speed of 95 KTAS@SL, altitude over 18 kft, endurance over 20 hours.

The Hermes 450 features fully redundant avionics, fully autonomous flight, LOS and/or satellite communication data link with a fully composite structure that is highly mobile and easily deployed.

All about Hermes-900 UAV

The Hermes 900 is an all weather UAV system. Its IATOL (Internal Auto Takeoff and Landing) system enables auto-landing even in alternate non-instrumented runways. Like the Hermes 450, internationally renowned for its unmatched safety record and reliability, the Hermes 900 features full redundancy and fault tolerant avionics and electronics architecture. Its fully-certified Rotax engine is safe and quiet.  The new UAV is well-equipped with advanced features including built-in autonomous emergency procedures, ATC Air Traffic Control radio, Radio relay, and IFF transponder.

WP Elbit Systems Hermes 900 UAS credit picture Forca Aerea Brasileira
Elbit Hermes-900 UAV

With larger payload capacity (300Kg) and longer endurance ,the Hermes 900 is controlled by Elbit Systems UGCS Universal Ground Control Station which can control two UAVs at any given time from a single station while a single operator operates the AV Air Vehicle and payloads for each UAV.

The new Hermes delivers the highest quality of performance for the lowest life cycle cost; a distinction based predominantly  on its lowest number of operators and maintenance crew requirements.

The Hermes 900 system supports numerous missions and specialized applications such as Electro-optics, IR Imaging Laser range finder and Laser designation as well as SAR/GMTI, COMINT DF , ELINT an Electronic Warfare. The system maintains secured redundant Line Of Sight (LOS) Data link as well as Redundant Satellite communication (BLOS) Beyond Line of Sight.

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