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Indian Navy Plans to Improve Naval Warfare Capabilities through Integration of Loitering Munitions on Warships

SOURCE: My Take / Navneet Rana

The Indian Navy is currently investigating the potential integration of Frontline Warship Low-cost Loitering Munitions as a strategic measure to enhance its maritime defence capabilities. These precise weapons offer a cost-efficient means of countering maritime threats, such as autonomous surface vessels and enemy warships armed with long-range capabilities. As a result, they serve as force multipliers in naval warfare.

Loitering munitions, alternatively referred to as suicide drones or kamikaze drones, are unmanned aerial vehicles specifically engineered to fulfill a unique objective: to remain stationary in the battlefield, detect and identify high-value targets, and subsequently engage and neutralize them. The ability to remain in close proximity to prospective threats renders them vital assets in modern naval warfare.

The incorporation of these hovering munitions into the Indian Navy’s armory offers numerous benefits:

  1. Targeting Sea-Based Platforms: loitering munitions are very effective against enemy warships and unmanned surface vessels that could pose a threat during naval operations because they are specifically made to target sea-based platforms.
  2. Precision Strikes: The use of these munitions enables the execution of precise and targeted attacks, facilitating the planned elimination of strategically significant objectives on hostile naval vessels. The warship’s operating capabilities can be significantly impaired through the deliberate targeting of its key radar systems, surveillance equipment, and communication systems.
  3. Force Multiplier: Lingering munitions can damage an enemy warship’s air defence systems, putting it open to further attacks, by interfering with the ship’s radar, observation, and communication systems. The force multiplier effect significantly boosts the Indian Navy’s capacity to effectively neutralize opposing naval assets.
  4. Enhanced Naval Warfare: The incorporation of loitering munitions provides a new dimension to naval warfare methods. It gives the Indian Navy a flexible tool to combat changing maritime threats, making sure it’s always ready to defend its interests and uphold maritime security.

The utilization of loitering bombs in contemporary naval warfare has garnered acknowledgment owing to their capacity to impair and incapacitate vital systems on adversary warships, hence generating prospects for further assaults. The integration is in accordance with the Indian Navy’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of technological breakthroughs in the field of maritime defence.

The Indian Navy’s recent adoption of cost-effective loitering munitions in its naval weaponry reflects its commitment to safeguarding India’s maritime interests amidst the ever-evolving challenges to maritime security.




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