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Indian Navy to deploy 450km range BrahMos-ER Coastal Missile Battery at INS Jatayu Naval Base in Lakshadweep, just a few kilometers away from Maldives

Source : IgMp Bureau

Indian Navy to deploy 450km range BrahMos-ER Coastal Missile Battery at INS Jatayu Naval Base in Lakshadweep, just a few kilometers away from Maldives

The Indian Navy recently unveiled INS Jatayu, an extensively upgraded naval base located on Minicoy Island within the Lakshadweep archipelago. This strategic move is part of India’s long-term strategy to bolster its presence in the region.

Strengthening Strategic Presence

INS Jatayu features state-of-the-art facilities such as advanced radars, jetties, and an airfield, and will be equipped with BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles. These enhancements significantly enhance India’s capacity to defend its territorial integrity and secure vital shipping lanes.

Countering Regional Challenges

The establishment of INS Jatayu comes at a critical juncture, with China’s expanding naval activities in the Indian Ocean necessitating a strategic response from India. The island’s proximity to the Maldives further highlights the need for regional security measures.

Enhanced Surveillance and Response Capability

New radar facilities at Minicoy will enhance surveillance capabilities, while coastal batteries armed with extended-range BrahMos-ER supersonic cruise missiles (with a range of approximately 450 km) will provide flexibility in responding to threats. This phased expansion aligns with India’s broader efforts to develop its island chains.

Brahmos Firing 1

Geopolitical Significance

“As we commission Jatayu, it is crucial to recognize the pressing need for heightened surveillance amidst the prevailing geopolitical developments which underscore the strategic significance of Lakshadweep to India. The Indian Ocean Region is witnessing an upsurge in maritime terror, crime, and piracy,” Navy Chief Admiral R. Hari Kumar stated during the commissioning of INS Jatayu. “INS Baaz to the east in Andamans and now, INS Jatayu in the west at Minicoy, will serve as the eyes and ears of the Navy,” he added.

Strategic Location and Role

Vice-Admiral Shekhar Sinha, former Western Naval Commander, emphasized Minicoy Island’s strategic location, describing it as the “watchkeeper” for India at the gateway of the Arabian Sea. Situated at the tip of India’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), it serves as a deterrent against potential adversarial presence, making Jatayu a “formidable static aircraft carrier.”

Commitment to Regional Stability

The deployment of INS Jatayu underscores India’s proactive stance on maritime security and its dedication to maintaining stability in the Indian Ocean region.


India’s decision to deploy BrahMos-ER coastal missile batteries in INS Jatayu marks a significant step towards enhancing its maritime security capabilities. This move not only strengthens India’s presence in the region but also underscores its commitment to safeguarding its territorial integrity and maintaining regional stability in the face of evolving geopolitical challenges.

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