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Massive Combing Operation Planned in Manipur to Recover Missing Weapons and Ammunition

In the wake of recent riots and the looting of weapons and ammunition in Manipur, security forces in the troubled state are gearing up for a large-scale combing operation across various districts to recover these missing arms and munitions.

The Manipur government has announced a “strong and comprehensive search operation” that will be carried out throughout the state. Those found in possession of illegal weapons will face severe legal consequences.

The disappearance of looted weapons is a major concern for both the Union and state governments, as there is a risk that these arms and ammunition could find their way to other states. Despite multiple appeals by security forces and governments, only 1,350 weapons have been recovered so far, while a significant quantity of ammunition remains missing.

In recent days, there has been minimal success in recovering weapons stolen from Manipur’s police stations, and designated areas for surreptitious weapon returns have seen no activity. The intelligence apparatus has been activated to identify potential areas for the upcoming operations.

The operation will be conducted in an organized manner, with each force operating in a specific district to avoid confusion. Local police will be responsible for handling operations, identifying routes, and engaging with local communities to prevent clashes. Forces are expected to encounter hostile crowds during operations, and contingency plans are being developed to address such situations. These operations will cover both hilly and valley areas.

Security forces initially faced resistance when attempting to recover the looted weapons, as supporters of the miscreants gathered in large numbers to shield them from legal action.

The Manipur government has emphasized the seriousness of the situation and has vowed to take strong action against miscreants and groups involved in any part of the state. The combing operation aims to restore law and order in Manipur by recovering stolen weapons and ammunition and ensuring that they do not fall into the wrong hands.


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