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Militants Use Innovative Tactics Along the Line of Control (LoC)

In a concerning development, intelligence sources report that militants operating from across the border are increasingly employing a novel tactic along the Line of Control (LoC). Instead of attempting to cross over themselves, they are dropping arms and ammunition close to the LoC, which are then picked up by their associates on the Indian side. This tactic has posed new challenges for security forces operating in the region.

This year alone, security forces have conducted 13 operations along the LoC, resulting in the seizure of a significant cache of weapons and contraband. Among the confiscated items were seven AK-47 and AK-56 rifles, 23 pistols, 15 grenades, 12 kilograms of narcotics, and over ?50 lakh in cash. The most recent operation took place in Machil, located in Kashmir’s Kupwara district, where a substantial amount of arms and ammunition were recovered. This included five AK rifles, seven pistols, four hand grenades, and other materials. Notably, some of the seized rifles were found to be heavily modified, and the pistols appeared to be China-made Tokarevs.

The LoC, due to effective patrolling and surveillance by security forces, has become increasingly difficult for terrorists to infiltrate. As a result, there have been multiple instances where militants are opting to drop weapons close to the LoC. This strategy allows their contacts on the Indian side to retrieve the weapons without having to risk crossing over into the hinterland.

Throughout the year, security forces have received approximately 350 intelligence inputs from various agencies regarding infiltration attempts along the LoC in Kashmir. These inputs have led to successful operations, resulting in the elimination of around 20 militants. Two infantry divisions of the Indian Army are deployed in north Kashmir along the LoC, underscoring the significance of the region in terms of security.

Sources reveal that militants receive GPS coordinates for designated drop points. At these locations, weapons are either left behind for later retrieval, or in some cases, essential supplies like food are also concealed for the sustenance of the terrorists. Importantly, these operations often involve no physical contact between individuals on either side of the border.

In conclusion, the evolving tactics of militants along the Line of Control present a fresh challenge for Indian security forces. As they continue to adapt to these changing dynamics, effective intelligence sharing, surveillance, and patrolling along the LoC will remain crucial in countering these threats and maintaining the security of the region.


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