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naxal attack: Chhattisgarh: 30 Naxalites surrender before security forces in Bijapur district

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As many as 30 Naxalites, nine of them carrying a cumulative bounty of Rs 39 lakh on their heads, surrendered before security forces in Chhattisgarh’s Bijapur district on Tuesday, police said. The Naxalites, among them six women, turned themselves in before senior officials of the police and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), citing that they were disappointed with atrocities committed by Maoists on tribals and “hollow” Maoist ideology, the police stated in a release.

The surrendered Naxalites were also impressed by the police’s rehabilitation policy, it stated.

Of the 30 surrendered cadres, Mitki Kakem alias Sarita (35), a member of military company no. 2 of Maoists, and Muri Muhnda alias Sukhmati (32), a member of platoon no. 32, were carrying bounties of Rs 8 lakh each on their heads, the release said.

Rajita Vetti (24), Deve Kovasi (24) and Ayta Sodhi (22), all platoon members, and Sinu, a member of battalion no. 1 of Maoists, carried a reward of Rs 5 lakh each on their heads, it said.

The others, Munna Hemla (35), Aytu Midiam (38) and Aytu Karam (50), were active as heads of ‘janatana sarkar’ (people’s government) groups of Maoists, and they carried rewards of Rs 1 lakh each, the release added.

These nine cadres were allegedly involved in multiple attacks on security personnel, it said. The surrendered Naxalites were provided Rs 25,000 each and will be rehabilitated as per the government’s policy, it said.

According to the police, 76 Naxalites have so far quit violence in the district this year.



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