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Quad irritates China, Not Expecting India participating in War incase Taiwan is attacked : US Think Tank

Quad irritates China, Not Expecting India participating in War incase Taiwan is attacked : US Think Tank

The director of Indo-Pacific Security at the Centre For A New American Security, Lisa Curtis, shared her insights on the success of the Quad and its implications for the India-US relationship during the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2023.

Curtis began by stating, “Quad is succeeding…We can say this because China doesn’t like QUAD…it calls it Asia’s NATO.” She emphasized that China’s concerns about the Quad indicate its effectiveness in shaping the Indo-Pacific dynamics.

Curtis also pointed out that certain changes in China’s approach to border issues and the Indo-Pacific have contributed to the strengthening of the India-US relationship. While some speculated that China’s actions may have been an attempt to deter India from deepening its engagement with the Quad and the United States, the border crisis had the opposite effect. Curtis noted that India has become even more committed to the Quad and the India-US partnership.

Highlighting common interests, Curtis emphasized that both India and the United States share the goal of preventing China from dominating the Indo-Pacific and controlling the information flow. She stated, “Both the countries have a common interest that China doesn’t dominate the Indo-Pacific and on the technological front and control the information flow.”

Curtis pointed to China’s assertive behavior and tendencies toward bullying as factors driving Indo-Pacific countries closer to the United States. The United States is actively engaging with these nations to help them enhance their defenses against Chinese aggression.

Additionally, Curtis stressed the importance of alliances and partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region for the United States’ global strategy. She underlined that such collaborations are crucial for maintaining regional stability and countering any challenges posed by China.

Furthermore, Curtis addressed the issue of Taiwan, acknowledging that the United States maintains a realistic perspective on its relationship with India. In the event of a conflict involving Taiwan, she stated that India would act in its own interests. While India would offer diplomatic support and assistance, it would approach the situation with caution, considering its ongoing border dispute with China.

In summary, Lisa Curtis provided valuable insights into the success of the Quad, its impact on the India-US relationship, and the shared interests and strategic partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region that are essential for countering Chinese influence and maintaining regional stability.

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