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Republic Day 2024: Republic Day 2024: Prachand, Pinaka, and Nag, here is what IAF will showcase in this year’s parade

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This year’s Republic Day is all set to feature an impressive show by the Indian Air Force with the ‘Tangail’ formation. It consists of the heritage aircraft Dakota flanked by two Dornier Do-228 aircraft. The formation will be a reenactment of India’s first-ever airdrop on hostile territory, which took place on December 11, 1971, during the India-Pakistan war. The IAF also announced that the aircraft in this formation will be flying using a blended mixture of Aviation Turbine Fuel and Biofuel.

Indigenous Weapon Systems Take Center Stage

Adding to the spectacle, the Republic Day parade will showcase made-in-India weapon systems and platforms from the Indian Army, highlighting the nation’s growing prowess in defense technology. Among the attractions will be the LCH Prachand chopper, Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launchers, and Nag anti-tank missiles.

LCH Prachand: A Homegrown Multi-Role Combat Helicopter

The LCH Prachand, designed and manufactured by HAL, stands out as the first indigenous Multi-Role Combat Helicopter. Possessing potent ground attack and aerial combat capabilities, the helicopter features modern stealth characteristics, robust armor protection, and formidable night attack capability. Its advanced navigation system, close combat guns, and potent air-to-air missiles make it well-suited for the demands of the modern battlefield.

Nag Missile System: Engaging Fortified Enemy TanksDeveloped by DRDO, the Nag missile system is equipped to engage highly fortified enemy tanks in day and night conditions. With “Fire & Forget” and “Top Attack” capabilities, along with passive homing guidance, the missile can defeat Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) equipped with composite and reactive armor. The NAG missile carrier NAMICA, a BMP II based system with amphibious capability, adds to the arsenal.Array of Armored Vehicles

The parade will also showcase the latest armored vehicles and specialist vehicles produced indigenously by the Indian industry. Featured vehicles include the Quick Fighting Reaction Vehicle, Light Specialist Vehicle, and the All-Terrain Vehicle. The T-90 tank, BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle, drone jammers, Advanced Sarvatra bridge, Medium Range Surface to Air Missile launcher, and multi-function radar are among the impressive lineup of weapon systems.

Swathi Weapon Locating Radar: Enhancing Safety

The Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR), an indigenously designed system, will be on display. Capable of locating guns, mortars, and rockets firing at own troops, the Swathi WLR facilitates their destruction through Counter Bombardment by own firepower resources. This enhances the safety of troops, allowing them to carry out operational tasks without interference from the enemy.

Showcasing Women’s Role in Defense

Highlighting the evolving role of women in the defense forces, the Republic Day parade will feature a tri-services all-women marching contingent. This contingent will comprise 60 women soldiers from the Army, Air Force, and Navy, showcasing the significant contribution of women in the armed forces.

As the Republic Day parade unfolds, the nation will witness a display of India’s indigenous defense capabilities and a tribute to historical milestones. The inclusion of cutting-edge weaponry, alongside a recognition of the growing role of women in the defense forces, adds to the significance of this grand event.



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