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Good News: Tejas Mk2 Soars to New Heights; Component Orders and Assembly Plans Propel Program Forward

Source : IgMp Bureau

India’s Tejas Mk2 program is gaining substantial momentum, fueled by the infusion of funds starting from September. Recent developments, combined with insights from insiders and careful tender scrutiny by idrw.org, illuminate the components and timeline intricacies of the Tejas Mk2 program. This concerted effort to enhance the capabilities of the indigenous Tejas aircraft positions the program for noteworthy milestones in the forthcoming years.

Good News: Tejas Mk2 Soars to New Heights; Component Orders and Assembly Plans Propel Program Forward

Good News: Tejas Mk2 Soars to New Heights; Component Orders and Assembly Plans Propel Program Forward

Procurement Surge: Vital Components Take Center Stage

The Tejas Mk2 program is witnessing a surge in activity, particularly in the crucial realm of component procurement. Recent tenders issued by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) underscore the acquisition of indispensable elements. These include LRUs, Data Acquisition systems, elevon, actuators, rudder actuators, Unified Video cum Digital Data Recorder (UVDR) Mk2, Hydraulic seals for flight control actuator, components for the Centre fuselage, Aircraft Mounted Accessory Gear Box (AMAGB), and Low-Profile Head-Up Display (LPHUD). Delivery of these critical components is slated from early 2024 to mid-2024.

Innovative Assembly Approach: Jig-less Setup Takes Center Stage

A groundbreaking facet of the Tejas Mk2 program is the adoption of a Jig-less assembly setup, set to conclude post-mid 2024. This innovative approach streamlines the assembly process, contributing to heightened efficiency in constructing the aircraft. Fuselage components, integral to the aircraft’s structure, are expected to start arriving post-mid 2024. The actual assembly of the Tejas Mk2 will kick off following the delivery of approximately 9500 parts and components crucial to the aircraft’s structure.

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Projected Timeline: From Commencement to First Flight

While some system orders are still in the processing stage, the initiation of work on the Tejas Mk2 is anticipated by the end of 2024. The comprehensive assembly of the aircraft is expected to span 8-9 months, with a projected completion date in late 2025. If all unfolds as planned, the inaugural rollout of the Tejas Mk2 is expected to transpire by early 2026, with its maiden flight scheduled later in the same year.

Encouraging Progress Amidst Challenges

Despite the program’s encouraging progress, challenges persist. Ongoing ordering processes for various systems and potential delays pose threats to the established timeline. Ensuring stringent quality control and efficient assembly processes will be imperative for the triumphant success of the Tejas Mk2 program.

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