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UK’s New Asylum Legislation might soon debar Pro-Khalistani Supporters Seeking Fake Asylums

UK’s New Asylum Legislation might soon debar Pro-Khalistani Supporters Seeking Fake Asylums

The United Kingdom has unveiled a controversial draft legislation that aims to tighten its asylum system further, with a particular focus on migrants who arrive in the UK via small boats. Under this proposed law, migrants traveling to Britain from select nations without permission will be ineligible to claim asylum in the UK. Instead, they may face deportation to their country of origin, including India. The move reflects the British government’s persistent efforts to address the ongoing challenge of irregular migration and asylum claims.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has designated the prevention of small boats carrying asylum seekers from crossing the English Channel as one of his leadership’s five key priorities. Despite these efforts, the latest government figures reveal that over 26,000 migrants have undertaken the perilous journey to the UK since the beginning of the year. This continuous influx of migrants has prompted the UK government to explore new measures to discourage unauthorized arrivals.

The UK has voiced concerns about the misuse of its asylum policy by individuals from the Indian state of Punjab, particularly those who are allegedly advised by certain lawyers in the UK. It is reported that some migrants are instructed to falsify claims of persecution based on their supposed support for Khalistani groups – a separatist movement advocating for the division of Punjab. These individuals apply for asylum in the UK, citing this alleged persecution.

The issue of pro-Khalistan supporters exploiting the UK’s asylum system has raised alarm in India. During discussions between India’s Home Ministry and the UK Home Office in Delhi, India emphasized the need for stricter monitoring of UK-based pro-Khalistan supporters and proactive measures against them.

The government of India has expressed concerns about the expanding base of pro-Khalistan supporters in the UK, suggesting that it provides a platform for them to support and potentially engage in activities that could be detrimental to India’s security. The recent breach of the Indian High Commission premises in London by pro-Khalistan supporters, who were protesting the search for radical Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh, was also a topic of discussion during the meeting.

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