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18 Dhanush guns to be inducted by March 2023 | 300 Sharang, 100 K9 Vajra & ATAGS also to be inducted soon

Source : Indian Defence Analysis

18 Dhanush guns to be inducted by March 2023 | 300 Sharang, 100 K9 Vajra & ATAGS also to be inducted soon
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Artilleries have four core missions in the modern battlefield: suppression of enemy fires or counter-battery fires, striking high-value targets, breaking up enemy force concentrations, and providing fire support for manoeuvre warfare. The border tension with India and China is no were close to end and in fact more aggression is being witnessed in the north-eastern sector of LAC. Indian Army at present operates, nearly 410 Bofors, 110 M777, 100 k9 Vajra, 180 155 mm field guns upgraded by Israeli firm Soltam. Indian army also operates 1700 105 mm field gun.

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Exercise Topchi

Recently Indian army has conducted exercise Topchi on Sunday. It is an annual firepower demonstration and training exercise conducted at the School of Artillery in Devlali. Indian Army has showcased all of its indigenous artillery fire power during the exercise. The most importantly all the guns have been made in India.  The exercise included several big guns of Indian Army such as 155mm/45-calibre Dhanush towed artillery gun, 155mm/52-calibre tracked self-propelled K9 Vajra-T guns, the M777 ultra-light howitzers, upgraded Sharang guns, the 105mm/37-caliber Indian field guns and the Pinaka rocket systems. It’s worth noting that 155mm denotes the diameter of the shell and calibre relates to barrel length. The focus of the exercise was to showcase the indigenous capabilities and strides made in achieving self-reliance in the defence sector.

The two-hour display also included the 155 mm FH 77 BO2 guns (better known as Bofors), the 155mm Soltam guns, the 130mm M46 guns, the Russian-origin Grad BM 21 multi-barrel rocket system, unmanned aerial vehicles, weapon locating radars, mortars, helicopters and several surveillance systems.

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155mm/45-calibre Dhanush towed artillery gun

Dhanush which is desi Bofors gun has been troubled child since its incubation. Back in April 2019, when the induction of this gun started, only 12 of them were built which is far below the 18 guns plus two in reserve required to make a full regiment. OFB had an initial order of 114 guns to be executed. In May 2022, it was reported that the Dhanush has cleared its trial and is ready for induction. Two Dhanush guns fired 90 rounds each “flawlessly” as part of the second line of firing in Zone 6 at the Pokhran firing range.

The second regiment of 18 Dhanush had also undergone successful trials at Pokhran with a strike range of 38 kms. The second regiment of 18 Dhanush will be inducted by March 2023.  The gun costs ₹14.50 crore a piece.

The 155mm/45-calibre Dhanush towed artillery gun is having range of 38 KM. In burst mode, the gun can fire 3 rounds in 30 seconds and in intense mode the gun can fire 12 rounds in 3 minutes.

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15 regiments of Sharang gun

The Army is also looking for 300 more upgraded 155mm Sharang guns. These guns have been upgraded from army’s vintage Soviet-origin 130mm M46 towed artillery pieces to 155 mm/45-calibre standard with enhanced firing range of 36km. The army already has three Sharang regiments, it’s raising a fourth one, and eventually plans to have 15 such regiments. The upgraded guns have an enhanced range – up from 27 km to 37 km – and better terminal effectiveness.

Besides Dhanush, Indian army is in process of acquiring 100 more K9 Vajra SPH. The army is looking at inducting ATAGS by the year-end.



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