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AMCA 5th Generation Stealth Fighter Program: Total 5 Prototypes and Target of First Flight by 2028

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Fifth Gen Fighter AMCA 1

India’s pursuit of an indigenous 5th generation fighter jet takes a significant leap forward with the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) program. Led by Krishna Rajendra, Project Director at the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), India aims to develop five prototypes, with the first flight targeted by the end of 2028.

Setting the Stage: Development of Five Prototypes

The heart of the AMCA program lies in the development of five prototypes. These initial models will undergo meticulous testing to refine the aircraft’s design and functionalities. The testing phase will encompass critical systems such as avionics, sensors, and overall combat performance, ensuring that the AMCA is a formidable asset upon deployment.

Rigorous Testing for Excellence

The creation of five prototypes underscores the commitment to thorough testing and refinement. Each prototype will undergo a series of trials to evaluate key aspects of the AMCA’s performance, including:

  • Flight Characteristics and Maneuverability
  • Onboard Avionics and Sensor Systems
  • Stealth Capabilities
  • Overall Combat Effectiveness
AMCA 5th Generation Stealth Fighter Final design and wind tunnel test model (File Photo)

The data collected from these tests will be instrumental in optimizing the AMCA’s design to meet the stringent requirements of the Indian Air Force.

Targeting the First Flight by 2028

This ambitious goal is contingent on a successful four-and-a-half-year development period. The ADA, in partnership with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), will spearhead this crucial phase, pushing the boundaries of India’s aerospace capabilities.


The AMCA 5th Generation Stealth Fighter Program represents a significant milestone in India’s aerospace journey. With meticulous planning and rigorous testing, India is poised to achieve its goal of developing an indigenous 5th generation fighter jet, showcasing its technological prowess on the global stage.

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