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#MASSIVE: After mastering MiRV technology, India now focuses on MiRV Interception Capability with Multiple Kill Vehicles (MKVs)

Source : IgMp Bureau

#MASSIVE: After mastering MiRV technology, India now focuses on MiRV Interception Capability with Multiple Kill Vehicles (MKVs)

India’s recent successful test of the Agni-V missile equipped with MiRV (Multiple Independently Re-entry Vehicle) technology signifies a major advancement in the country’s strategic capabilities. This development reinforces India’s nuclear triad, a three-pronged deterrent system comprising land, air, and sea-based nuclear launch platforms.

Balancing Offensive and Defensive Capabilities

While the Agni-V test enhances India’s offensive capabilities, the country is also focusing on defensive measures. Following the deployment of Phase-I BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense), India is actively developing a Phase-II system and beyond to counter evolving threats.


The Concept of Multiple Kill Vehicles (MKVs)

A key aspect of India’s BMD strategy is the concept of Multiple Kill Vehicles (MKVs). Here’s a breakdown of this technology:

  • Multiple, Small, Simple Kinetic Vehicles: MKVs differ from traditional single warheads, as they represent a swarm of smaller, faster interceptors.
  • Carrier Vehicle and KVs: A single carrier vehicle carries and launches multiple KVs during the interception phase.
  • Autonomous Terminal Kill: Each KV independently homes in on and destroys ballistic missile targets.
  • Ground-Based Launch: MKV-equipped interceptors are launched from ground-based systems, enabling them to engage multiple incoming threats simultaneously.
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Future Prospects: Phase-II BMD and MKVs

India has already tested Phase II of its BMD program, known as the AD-1 endo-atmospheric interceptor, and is developing the AD-2 exo-atmospheric interceptor. While it’s unclear if MKVs will be part of the Phase-II program, they are under consideration, showcasing India’s commitment to enhancing its missile defense capabilities.


In conclusion, India’s focus on MiRV interception capability with Multiple Swarm Interceptors in a single Kill vehicle demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of strategic defense technology. As the country continues to develop and enhance its BMD systems, it reinforces its position as a key player in the global security landscape.

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