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Al Gore raises concern over India’s ban on wheat export that might increase world hunger crisis

Source : The Times of India

Al Gore raises concern over India’s ban on wheat export that might increase world hunger crisis
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Al Gore, 45th Vice President of the United States of America and a prominent environmentalist expressed concern over the increasing wheat crisis and the upheaval for foodgrains across the world.

At the 10th South Summit held in Madrid, Al Gore participated telematically in the inaugural session from the US, to address the young entrepreneurs. Raising concerns over the changing climatic conditions and increasing global temperature, Al Gore highlighted its impact on the depleting production of the foodgrain and other agricultural produces. Diverting the attention towards India’s decision to restrict the export of wheat to foreign nations, the former Vice President pointed at the rising food scarcity staring the world.

“Due to the temperature rising to 50-51 degrees Celsius, India’s wheat production has reduced drastically, which has led to its decision to limit the export to other nations. This has already increased the trouble as the African countries are already reeling under the threat of dying of hunger,” said Gore, in a session on ‘The entrepreneurial world’s greatest opportunity’ that was moderated by Miguel Nogales, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Generation Investment Management.

“To deal with the increasing food crisis, the world must join hands to create a bread bank. This will help the nations reeling with the scarcity of foodgrains,” said Gore.

Al Gore called upon the young entrepreneurs to find sustainable solutions while thinking of new business ideas. The new business practices, said Gore, must not challenge the environment anymore.

The depleting forest covers, melting of the glaciers, reduced water table and global warming have impacted the condition of farmers. “The adverse effect on the farming practices needs an immediate solution. This may be possible by the proper use of technology to save nature,” said Gore.

Speaking about his work as the founder of the Climate Protection Alliance and Generation Investment Management, Al Gore spoke about the need for intelligent and sustainable transport solutions to reduce environmental pollution. “One of the biggest challenges for any new business would be to find solutions to drastically changing climate. This will further increase the crisis in the world if we do not act now.”



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