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Army to buy next generation armoured recovery vehicles for plains and mountains

New Delhi: The Indian Army plans to procure 170 tracked Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARVs) to operate in plain, semi-desert and desert terrain along with high altitude and mountainous terrain.

A Request for Information (RFI) was issued Tuesday by the Army for the procurement of these vehicles from Indian vendors.

These vehicles are needed for recovery of tanks and heavy equipment in case of breakdowns during an operation. The Army currently uses state-run BEML built, which are based on Russian-made T-72 tank hulls.

Multiple Indian companies like the Kalyani Group, Mahindra, Tata and L&T are expected to respond to the RFI besides state-run BEML among others.

Given the various terrains that it operates in, the Army requires the ARVs to be able to operate in plain, semi-desert and desert terrain along the western borders, as well as, high altitude and mountainous terrain as occurring along the northern borders such as eastern Ladakh, central sector and North Sikkim.

Specifying the weather conditions, the Army stated that the ARV should operate day and night and in conditions such as snowy, rainy, dusty and sandy, commonly encountered in both terrains.

In desert terrain, while the vehicle should be able to sustain a minimum operating temperature of 0° to 5° Celsius, it should also be able to sustain a maximum temperature of 40° to 45° Celsius.

In high altitude and mountainous terrain, while the vehicles must tolerate a minimum operating temperature of (-) 20° to (-)10° Celsius, the maximum must be at 40° Celsius.

As for the engine capabilities, the RFI states that the requirement is of a diesel fuel-based engine or power packed turbocharged system. It should be capable of starting in sub-zero conditions.

“Armoured Workshops having armoured fighting vehicles on repair load are often required to provide repair and recovery cover to disabled Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) during operations under hostile conditions,” the Army said in its RFI, regarding the operational requirements of the vehicles.

It added that the tracked ARVs will then provide repair and recovery during operations.

One of the requirements of the Army is that it should possess adequate cross-country mobility and protection.

Since the vehicle will perform a repair and recovery role, it should carry at least six persons including the driver and commander and utility equipment such as crane, dozer, winches, general tools and special maintenance tools, ancillary equipment to undertake repair and recovery roles.

The vehicle should have an operational life of at least 32 years with maximum one overhaul or major repair intervention. It should be capable of being transported by existing in-service tank transporter vehicles of the Army, IAF transport aircraft and broad-gauge railway military bogey.

When it comes to weapon systems, the vehicle will have one Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) with an in-service 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun and smoke grenade launcher. It should also be capable of detecting chemical agents and nuclear radiations for protection of the crew.

(Edited by Tony Rai)

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