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Bengaluru based Firm A-THON All Terrain Private Limited develops All-Terrain Vehicles with Military Potential

Source : IgMp News Bulletin

Bengaluru based Firm A-THON All Terrain Private Limited develops All-Terrain Vehicles with Military Potential
A-THON All Terrain Private Limited designed and developed ARAV All Terrain Vehicle

All Terrain Private Limited (A-THON), headquartered in Bengaluru, emerges as a trailblazer in crafting all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) tailored for potential military deployment in India. This homegrown initiative marks a significant step towards reducing reliance on imported ATVs currently in service with Indian Special Forces and other units operating in rugged terrains.

A-THON’s core focus revolves around its flagship “ASHVA” range of two-seater ATVs and the four-seater variant, known as “ARAV.” Additionally, the company is pioneering the development of “ADBHUT,” a distinctive 6×2 ATV engineered to excel in cargo transport capacities. Initial rounds of testing within A-THON’s facilities are underway, with an initial target market aimed at the Indian agricultural sector. However, the versatile nature of these ATVs holds promise for potential military adaptations.

Presently, the Indian Armed Forces rely heavily on imported ATVs to fulfill their operational requirements. A-THON’s indigenous solution emerges as a viable contender to bridge this gap, offering a dependable and locally available source of ATVs for the Indian military.


Military Applications of A-THON’s All-Terrain Vehicles

1. Enhanced Patrolling Capabilities

The rugged design and maneuverability of A-THON’s ATVs make them indispensable for patrolling remote border areas and challenging terrains.

2. Agile Reconnaissance Missions

The nimbleness and agility of these vehicles are well-suited for conducting reconnaissance missions, providing crucial intelligence gathering capabilities.

3. Efficient Transportation Solutions

ATVs present an efficient mode of transportation for ferrying troops and essential supplies across rugged landscapes, ensuring swift deployment in critical scenarios.

A-THON’s diversified ATV lineup caters to a spectrum of military requirements. The ASHVA, with its two-seater configuration, offers agility for rapid reconnaissance tasks, while the ARAV, with its expanded seating capacity, facilitates troop movement efficiently. Furthermore, the ADBHUT’s robust cargo capabilities make it an ideal choice for transporting heavy equipment and supplies across challenging terrains.


While the initial focus remains on penetrating the agricultural sector, A-THON’s ATV designs harbor immense potential for military adaptations. Through strategic modifications and collaborative efforts with the Indian military, these domestically manufactured vehicles could revolutionize the operational capabilities of Indian armed forces.

The success of A-THON’s venture hinges on the seamless execution of testing phases and a synergistic partnership with the Indian military to explore tailored adaptations for defense applications. Such collaboration not only reinforces domestic production capabilities but also equips Indian forces with cutting-edge, all-terrain vehicles, ensuring operational superiority in diverse landscapes.

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