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Bhutan and India: A flourishing friendship with a unified vision for the future

Bhutan and India: A flourishing friendship with a unified vision for the future
Bhutan and India: A flourishing friendship with a unified vision for the future 11

Thimpu: Bhutan and India share a remarkable and enduring relationship deeply rooted in history, spirituality, and common values. This multifaceted partnership has evolved over the years and encompasses various crucial areas, from energy security to technology, space exploration, and conservation biology, The Bhutan Live reported.

The strong bond between these two nations is evident not only in times of prosperity but also during challenging times, demonstrating the depth of their friendship.

The connection between Bhutan and India runs deep, with roots in centuries of shared civilisation. This relationship is further fortified by a profound spiritual kinship, as Bhutan considers India as “gyagar,” the sacred land where Buddhism originated. This spiritual connection has only grown stronger since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1968.

One of the cornerstones of this relationship is Buddhism, which has kept the ties between the two countries resilient. The recent International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) brought together Buddhist leaders from both nations, emphasising their shared spiritual connection. Bhutan, represented by a delegation from the Central Monastic Body, commended the IBC for its efforts in organizing the confederation and strengthening the spiritual bond, as reported by The Bhutan Live on Thursday.

The relationship between Bhutan and India goes beyond spiritual and religious elements. The Indo-Bhutan Friendship Treaty of 1949 forms the basis of this partnership, emphasising peace, friendship, free trade, and equal justice for citizens of both countries. India prioritises Bhutan’s socio-economic development and territorial integrity, providing assistance in various sectors, including economic development, infrastructure, education, health, and security.

In the hydropower sector, the two nations are jointly developing a significant capacity of hydroelectricity in Bhutan. The successful completion of the 720 MW Mangdechhu hydropower project is a testament to their partnership and has spurred discussions about the Sankosh Hydropower Project, The Bhutan Live reported.

The launch of the India-Bhutan SAT satellite by ISRO marks a new era of cooperation. This satellite will provide real-time data and high-resolution images to aid in land mapping and natural resource management in Bhutan. This reflects the growing relations between the two countries in advanced technology, space, and digital systems.

Several initiatives have been initiated to promote digital and space cooperation, including the implementation of RuPay and the establishment of a Ground Earth Station by ISRO. These endeavours aim to empower Bhutan’s youth with skill development and employment opportunities, supporting both nations’ progress.

Bhutan expressed its gratitude for India’s support during the COVID-19 pandemic. India’s “Vaccine Maitri Initiative” provided valuable support, enabling Bhutan to launch a nationwide vaccination programme during a global health crisis.

India’s deployment of the Military Training Team (IMTRAT) in Bhutan has been crucial for training Bhutanese security forces. The Doklam standoff in 2017 further emphasised the importance of security and border management coordination between the two countries, as reported by The Bhutan Live.

Bhutan’s enduring friendship with India is a testament to shared values and mutual support, ensuring a promising shared future. In a rapidly evolving world, Bhutan and India stand as beacons of stability, fostering regional equilibrium and peace. Their profound partnership serves as a model of cooperation and camaraderie in the pursuit of mutual progress and collective prosperity.

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