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DRDO to Develop Advanced Battlefield Situational Awareness System (BSAS) as part of the ‘Advanced Vetronics for Futuristic AFVs’ project

Source : IgMp Bureau

DRDO to Develop Advanced Battlefield Situational Awareness System (BSAS) as part of the 'Advanced Vetronics for Futuristic AFVs' project

DRDO is set to embark on a pivotal initiative aimed at bolstering the combat prowess of its armored regiments. The Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE), a leading laboratory under DRDO, is leading the charge in developing a Battlefield Situational Awareness System (BSAS) as part of the “Advanced Vetronics for Futuristic AFVs” project.

The BSAS is an all-encompassing system crafted to furnish real-time battlefield insights to crew members operating Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs). This heightened awareness is poised to significantly enhance their decision-making acumen in dynamic combat theaters.

By offering crew members a comprehensive view of the battlefield, encompassing both friendly and adversarial positions, potential threats, and terrain characteristics, the BSAS will empower them to make well-informed decisions and respond promptly to evolving circumstances.

The integration of real-time data equips commanders with the means to formulate swift and efficacious tactical strategies, potentially affording them a crucial advantage over adversaries. The BSAS, by augmenting situational awareness, indirectly contributes to bolstering crew safety by enabling them to preempt and evade threats more effectively.

Key Components of the BSAS:

Tactical Computer: Serves as the system’s core processing unit, responsible for aggregating, processing, and disseminating vital battlefield intelligence.

GVA Compliant HMI: Incorporates a Graphical User Interface (HMI) that adheres to the General Vehicle Architecture (GVA) standards, ensuring seamless compatibility with existing and forthcoming military equipment within the GVA framework.

Integrated Navigation System: Fuses inertial sensors, vehicle odometers, and multi-constellation GNSS receivers (including NavIC and GPS/GAGAN) to furnish precise and reliable navigation data.

Inter-Crew Communication System: Facilitates seamless communication among crew members within the armored vehicle, conforming to the GVA architecture and interfacing with both Software Defined Radios (SDRs) and legacy radios.

The inception of the BSAS signifies a notable stride toward arming the Indian Armored forces with cutting-edge technology. This system holds the promise of revolutionizing battlefield awareness and decision-making for crew members, thereby contributing to a more secure and potent fighting force.

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