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India and Australia Deepen Military Cooperation and Discuss Coordination in the Indo-Pacific

India and Australia have entered a phase of tactical interoperability in their military cooperation, laying the groundwork for coordinating activities and optimizing the use of their combined resources to enhance situational awareness. Lieutenant General Greg Bilton, Chief of Joint Operations, Australia, discussed the significant advancement in military collaboration during a recent address at the India Defence Conclave organized by the Bharat Shakti news portal.

The convergence of interests between the two nations initially centers around the Indian Ocean, where they engage in naval, air, and maritime activities together. According to Lt. Gen. Bilton, their current relationship involves de-conflicting and mutual awareness of activities, but they have not yet reached the stage of full coordination in the Indian Ocean and other parts of the Indo-Pacific.

Lt. Gen. Bilton stressed the opportunity to coordinate their activities and leverage the resources of both countries to achieve heightened levels of situational awareness. This would represent an evolution in their collaboration, moving toward a more sophisticated and operational relationship.

One of the key factors that has driven the growth of their bilateral military cooperation is the sharing of intelligence and information. Lt. Gen. Bilton noted that his headquarters has shared 31 dossiers of intelligence related to Indian Ocean activities with the Indian military since November last year. However, he expressed the desire to progress to a point where intelligence can be provided directly to an operational headquarters.

In summary, the deepening relationship between India and Australia underscores the importance of sharing, transparency, and information exchange to build trust and enhance their collective security efforts.

Speaking during the same session on the Indo-Pacific, Vice-Admiral Dinesh Tripathi, Western Naval Commander, emphasized the dynamic nature of geopolitics, technology, and security tactics in the region. He highlighted the Indian Navy’s commitment to closely monitor these developments and collaborate with friendly foreign countries. Vice-Admiral Tripathi emphasized the belief that cooperation through collaboration, consensus, and communication is essential, as no single country possesses the capacity and capability to secure the sea lanes of communication at all times.

Underlining the importance of India’s relationship with Australia, Vice-Admiral Tripathi noted significant interactions between the two countries, such as India’s participation in exercise Malabar on the East coast of Australia in Sydney and the historic maiden deployment of an Indian submarine to the West coast of Australia. These developments underscore the mutual commitment to strengthening maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region.


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