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Indian Army inducts 2 Truck-Mounted Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS)

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Indian Army inducts 2 Truck-Mounted Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS)
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Indian Army inducts 2 Truck-Mounted Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS)

In a significant advancement underlining the Indian Army’s commitment to fortifying its defensive capabilities, the force has initiated the induction of an increased inventory of Truck-Mounted Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS). This strategic move underscores the military’s proactive response to emerging aerial threats posed by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), showcasing its dedication to adopting state-of-the-art technologies for safeguarding national security interests.

Cutting-Edge Truck-Mounted C-UAS Technology:

The deployment of Truck-Mounted C-UAS represents a testament to the Indian Army’s resolve to harness cutting-edge technologies in its security arsenal. These systems are equipped with sophisticated sensors, radars, and countermeasure systems, enabling real-time detection of UAS intrusions and facilitating swift and effective response measures.

The C-UAS system is structured with an array of specialized vehicles, each possessing distinct functionalities that synergistically establish a robust and comprehensive defense apparatus against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones:

Detection Vehicle: An integral element within this configuration, the Detection Vehicle assumes a pivotal role in pinpointing UAVs and drones operating within the designated operational area. It boasts advanced technological capabilities that facilitate the identification and continuous tracking of these aerial threats, employing Radio Frequency (RF) detection modalities with an impressive operational reach spanning 10 kilometers.

Jamming Vehicle: Constituting another essential facet of this ensemble, the Jamming Vehicle is meticulously engineered to disrupt the communication and control signals of unauthorized UAVs. Possessing an RF jamming range identical to that of its detection counterpart—encompassing 10 kilometers—this component effectively incapacitates hostile drones operating within its defined vicinity.

Battery Command Post Vehicle: Functioning as the nucleus of the C-UAS framework, the Battery Command Post Vehicle assumes the pivotal role of central command and control. It orchestrates the synchronized activities of both the detection and jamming elements, facilitating real-time data exchange to ensure swift, well-informed responses and countermeasures.

Power Generator Vehicle: Recognizing the pivotal significance of continuous, reliable power supply to sustain the system’s operations, the Power Generator Vehicle stands as an indispensable facet. It ensures the consistent provision of energy necessary to maintain optimal functionality across all system components.

This system is said to have been manufactured by Defsys—a prominent entity renowned for its contributions to defense technology—the truck-mounted C-UAS system embodies a multifaceted approach encompassing detection, tracking, and jamming capabilities. This comprehensive repertoire renders it a formidable tool for effectively neutralizing the menace posed by UAVs and drones, particularly within sensitive operational domains.

Earlier in the current year, the Indian Army issued a procurement tender in January 2023 to secure 20 such truck-mounted C-UAS systems. These systems substantiate their remarkable capabilities, spanning both RF detection and jamming capabilities with a formidable 10-kilometer reach. Furthermore, the systems are equipped with Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/OR) sensor detection capabilities, extending to a range of 2 kilometers.

Operational Significance:

The expansion of the Truck-Mounted C-UAS fleet within the Indian Army is a manifestation of the military’s forward-looking approach to addressing contemporary security challenges. The systems’ mobility, adaptability, and rapid deployment capability render them instrumental in safeguarding strategic installations, vital military bases, and other critical assets against airborne threats, thereby enhancing the overall security posture.

Technological Advancements and Defense Preparedness:

The ongoing induction of an expanded Truck-Mounted C-UAS fleet exemplifies the military’s acknowledgment of the ever-evolving nature of security threats in the modern age. By aligning its defense strategies with technological advancements, the Indian Army underscores its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in countering emerging aerial threats, underscoring the nation’s preparedness to safeguard its sovereignty.


The Indian Army’s recent decision to augment its Truck-Mounted Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems marks a strategic stride towards enhancing the nation’s aerial defense capabilities. Through the adoption of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, the military reinforces its resolve to ensure the security of the nation’s airspace against evolving threats posed by unmanned aircraft. This proactive approach exemplifies the armed forces’ dedication to remaining at the forefront of defense readiness and underscores the pivotal role of advanced countermeasures in safeguarding national interests.



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