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Indian Army Integrates Martial Arts into Training After Border Clash


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Following the Galwan clash, the Indian Army has incorporated various indigenous martial arts into its regular training regimen, bolstering soldier preparedness and close-quarter combat abilities. This unique initiative goes beyond physical exercise, drawing on the rich heritage of Indian martial arts for practical combat applications.

A unit of the Punjab Regiment deployed near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Kibithu, eastern Arunachal Pradesh, recently showcased their martial arts prowess to visiting journalists. This demonstration served as a testament to the effectiveness of integrating traditional combat forms into modern military training.

This initiative goes beyond just physical training. It fosters cultural pride, instills discipline and focus, and promotes mental resilience, all valuable assets for soldiers. Additionally, it leverages the unique strengths of each martial art, creating well-rounded and adaptable fighters.

The inclusion of Indian martial arts marks a significant step forward in the Army’s training philosophy. As the program matures, its impact on soldier preparedness and combat effectiveness will be closely monitored. This unique blend of tradition and modern warfare holds promise for a more confident and capable Indian Army.

Regiments Embrace Diverse Styles:

  • The Punjab Regiment seamlessly integrates Gatka, a stick-fighting art, into their training, enhancing agility and weapon handling skills.
  • The Gorkha Regiment leverages the Khukri dance, a dynamic display of the iconic blade’s versatility, honing reflexes and close-combat techniques.
  • The Madras Regiment incorporates the fluid movements of Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art, improving flexibility, power, and battlefield awareness.



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