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Indian Army issues AoN for procurement of FICV

Source : Indian Defence Analysis

Indian Army issues AoN for procurement of FICV
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The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), headed by Raksha Mantri, Shri Rajnath Singh in its meeting held on 22nd December has accorded approval for Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for 24 Capital Acquisition Proposals. These proposals include six for Indian Army, six for IAF, 10 for Indian Navy & two proposals for Indian Coast Guard for a total value of Rs 84,328 Crs. 21 proposals, worth Rs 82,127 Crs (97.4%), are approved for procurement from indigenous sources.

The approved proposal includes procurement of Ballistic Helmets, with enhanced protection level. AoNs accorded will equip the Indian Army with platforms and equipment such as Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicles, Light Tanks and Mounted Gun System providing a quantum jump to Indian Army’s operational preparedness.

AoN for procurement of Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle

On 31st Jan 2023, Indian Army has released AoN for procurement of “Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (Tracked)” ie “FICV(Tr)” for Mechanised Infantry Arm of the Indian Army. The FICV should be tracked, amphibious, Manned turret (un-manned turret as EPP) with FCS, fire & forget top-attack ATGMs, automatic cannon of at least 30 mm calibre, coaxial machine gun and a stabilised RCWS with 12.7mm machine gun. The FICV should feature Modern protection measures including Active Protection System and Laser Warning & Protection Measures. It should be able to carry a crew of three and eight soldiers. The Prototype for “FICV(Tr)” to be developed within 36 months from completion of TEC. Commercial Bids to be submitted before commencement of Trials. The orders will be splitted in ratio of 60:40 between L1 and L2 vendors provided L-2 vendor accepts the price and Terms & conditions quoted by L-1 Vendor.


DRDO & L&T is also working on developing an ICV whose model was unveiled during the DefExpo 2022 which seems to be the front runner for Indian Army’s FICV requirement. The FICV hull looks similar to very similarly to Abhay ICV however there has been significant changes made to it.

L&T FICV at Defence Expo 2022

Research & Development Establishment(Engineers) Pune a lab of DRDO has developed a composites armoured hull for infantry Combat Vehicle (IC) which matches the structural and ballistic performance of metallic hull with 35% weight reduction. The hull comprises of monocoque top and bottom parts manufactured in E-glass-epoxy using Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding (VARTM) process.

Side walls of the hull are provided with ceramic-composites armour for protection against 14.5mm Armour Piercing rounds. This hull has been integrated with automotive aggregates and associated vetronies.

The composites hull developed as replacement for métallic hull of IC Abhay Matches structural and ballistic performance with metallic counterpart. It is 35% lighter than its metallic counterpart. E-glass-epoxy structure with ceramic faced integral armour on sides for ballistic protection. Each top and bottom parts are monocoque structures. The ICV has minimized part count.

The major feature of the L&T’s FICV is going to be an unmanned modular turret made up of composite armour which drastically reduce its weight and can be upgraded in future if needed. It will feature 30mm main gun with 200 rounds ready to fire and a coaxial 7.62 Machine gun with 1000 rounds ready to fire. It will also has two launchers for 5th generation fire and forget Anti-Tank missiles. The FICV will also have 6 smoke grenade launchers. It will feature 3rd generation Thermal Imaging stabilized sight with Laser range finder. The remotely controlled weapon system will feature advance Integrated Fire control system for all the weapons. The vehicle will have STANAG Level 4 protection.


Janes has reported that Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited (AVNL) has also proposed an FICV which is a new design and not based on Russian BMP-2. The vehicle will feature a Remote-controlled weapon stations with a  30mm main gun, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, a fifth-generation anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system, a 30 mm automated grenade launcher, driver’s night sight, commander’s panoramic sight and can even launch loitering munition. It will be powered by a 600hp engine with automatic transmission and will have an overall weight of 23 tons. The FICV will be able to carry 11 men. The FICV will offer protection up to STANAG level 4 and will be equipped with a laser warning system and active protection system. The FICV will be air-conditioned with blast-attenuating seats and improved suspension. The FICV will be equipped with a new hull, and it will weigh 23 tonne.

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Other contenders

Tata motor led consortium has also proposed tracked FICV. Tata has also offered a 8X8 wheeled FICV based on WhAP platform, however this does not fit into the RFI as it clearly states the requirement of a tracked ICV. Other contenders include BEML, Mahindra Group, Ashok Leyland, Reliance and Bharat Forge.



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