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Indian Army releases RFP for 252 6×6 Gun Towing Vehicle for carrying upto 20 ton 155 mm artillery gun; Target ATAGS !!??

Source : IgMp Bureau

Indian Army releases RFP for 252 6x6 Gun Towing Vehicle for carrying upto 20 ton 155 mm artillery gun; Target ATAGS !!??
TATA Gun Towing vehicle of the Indian Army (Image Source: TATA Motors)

In September 2022, the MoD has given AoN for 252 6×6 Gun Towing Vehicle which will be used for towing 155mm Artillery Guns and Air Defence Radars. They will be able tow a 20 Ton Gun/Radar. On 26th December, Indian Army has released the RFP for the GTV requirement. The RFP intends to procure 252 6X6 HMV which will act as a GTV under buy Indian category. The requirement clearly states its for deployment at Northern border. The technical requirement listed in RFP states that the GTV will be required to tow 155 mm/ 52 Caliber, 155 mm/ 45 Caliber towed guns and replacement to GTVs of 155 mm/ 39 Caliber FH77 B02 and 130 mm guns. The vehicle should have payload capacity of 8t or more including the crane weight and winch capacity of 20T. The vehicle should have arrangements for mounting of an in-service Light machine Gun for self-defence on / over the cabin with arrangements to carry 800 rounds of ammunition in magazine box. These vehicles will be procured under fast-track procedure.

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