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Indian Startup Sharang Shakti Unveils hantR, the Drone-Catching Drone, to Counter Rising UAV Threats

Source : IgMp Bureau

Sharang Shakti, an Indian startup based in Noida, has introduced a groundbreaking solution to combat the growing menace of drones: hantR, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) specifically engineered for detecting, tracking, and capturing short-range airborne threats. With the increasing accessibility and affordability of drone technology, there is a parallel rise in their potential misuse by adversaries. The compact size and low altitude capability of drones make them a significant security vulnerability that hantR aims to mitigate.

Addressing Emerging Threats

hantR stands out as an innovative UAV equipped with advanced onboard sensors for self-threat detection and 3D spatial awareness. Its primary function involves the deployment of a net to capture drones, offering a non-lethal means of neutralization, in accordance with military protocols and operational requirements.

Key Features of hantR:

  • Autonomous Detection and Capture: hantR can independently detect drones, lock onto them, and deploy a net for capture.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: Advanced algorithms enable rapid response and stability in challenging environments.
  • Kinetic Net Deployment: The net launcher, compact yet long-range, uses an algorithm-stabilized system for precise net deployment.
  • Deep Neural Network Analysis: Real-time data analysis from electro-optical sensors provides accurate threat identification, 3D awareness, and locked-on tracking.
  • Synced Sensor Technology: Innovative sensor technology ensures precise dynamic positional awareness.
A video by Startup Sharang Shakti, demonstrating Drone catching Drone ‘hantR’

A Milestone in Drone Defense

hantR signifies a significant leap in drone defense technology, offering a non-lethal approach alongside advanced capabilities. This combination presents a safe and efficient solution for safeguarding sensitive airspace against unauthorized drone incursions.

The successful deployment of hantR could pave the way for the wider integration of similar technologies across various sectors, including military, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure protection. As the drone landscape continues to evolve, innovative solutions like hantR will play a pivotal role in ensuring safety and security.

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