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“India’s Commitment to Peace: A Neighbour’s Disregard”

“India’s Commitment to Peace: A Neighbour’s Disregard”

In a recent statement, Dr. Devinder Kumar Manyal, the general secretary of the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) BJP and a former minister, underscored India’s enduring dedication to fostering cordial and friendly relations with its neighbor, Pakistan. However, he lamented that despite India’s consistent efforts, Pakistan has often fallen short in displaying the sincerity required to maintain lasting peace in the region.

Peace along both the international borders and within the territorial areas of India has remained a top priority. Still, regrettably, Pakistan’s actions have frequently hindered the prospects for peaceful coexistence, going against the principles of good neighboring nations.

Dr. Manyal extended his appreciation to the Indian security forces for their successful operations against infiltration attempts and the elimination of intruders. These actions have, in turn, frustrated Pakistan, leading to its aggressive actions such as firing on Indian posts along the International Border and targeting civilian areas. Despite previous ceasefire agreements between the two countries, Pakistan has repeatedly violated these accords.

Dr. Manyal recalled the wise words of the former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who famously stated, “We can change our friends, but not our neighbors.” This expression reflects the significance of amicable relations between neighboring nations, paving the way for progress and prosperity. He noted Vajpayee’s efforts to extend a hand of friendship to Pakistan, symbolized by his historic bus journey to Lahore in the hope that both countries would embrace peaceful coexistence. However, these aspirations were dashed by the Kargil conflict.

The former minister emphasized that there was a period of relative peace along the borders after Narendra Modi assumed office as Prime Minister, owing to the government’s clear stance that dialogue and violence cannot coexist. However, Pakistan’s recent provocations, including firing and infiltration attempts, have raised concerns. Dr. Manyal suggested that these actions may be driven by Pakistan’s desire to divert attention from domestic issues and public discontent. He issued a stern warning to Pakistan, urging it not to disrupt peace in India, as the current Indian government, led by Prime Minister Modi, possesses the capability to respond firmly if necessary.

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