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pakistan nuclear weapons: Where bankrupt Pakistan has hidden its nuke weapons? Report reveals Pak’s nuclear secrets

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In the midst of severe economic challenges, Pakistan appears to be intensifying its efforts to bolster its nuclear arsenal, according to a recent research report by the Federation of American Scientists. The nation’s economy has been in turmoil, marked by widespread protests against skyrocketing fuel prices and exorbitant power bills. Citizens grapple with the burden of petrol prices reaching an unprecedented high of Rs 300 per litre, coupled with prolonged power outages affecting numerous cities.

Despite grappling with economic instability and repeated attempts to secure financial aid from China and Gulf nations, Pakistan reluctantly agreed to stringent International Monetary Fund (IMF) conditions for a bailout. Nevertheless, the country continues its steadfast pursuit of expanding its nuclear capabilities.

The research report states, “Pakistan continues to gradually expand its nuclear arsenal with more warheads, more delivery systems, and a growing fissile material production industry.” Commercial satellite imagery analysis of construction activities at Pakistani army garrisons and air force bases reveals the presence of what appear to be new launchers and facilities potentially linked to Pakistan’s nuclear forces.

The report estimates that Pakistan currently possesses approximately 170 warheads in its nuclear weapons stockpile. This is a concerning development, given the ongoing economic challenges the nation faces.

Key findings from the report highlight Pakistan’s increasing nuclear capabilities:

  • Fissile Material Production: Pakistan is currently producing sufficient fissile material to manufacture 14 to 27 new warheads annually.
  • Nuclear-Capable Aircraft: The report suggests that Pakistan’s Mirage III and Mirage V fighter squadrons are the most likely candidates for nuclear delivery roles. These aircraft are stationed at two bases, with Masroor Air Base near Karachi possibly serving as a nuclear weapons storage site.
  • Land-Based Ballistic Missiles: Pakistan possesses six operational nuclear-capable, solid-fuel, road-mobile ballistic missile systems, including the Abdali, Ghaznavi, Shaheen-I/A, Nasr, Ghauri, and Shaheen-II. Two additional nuclear-capable missile systems, Shaheen-III and MIRVed Ababeel, are under development.
  • Land-Based Missile Garrisons: The report identifies at least five missile bases that could play a role in Pakistan’s nuclear forces, including Akro Garrison, Gujranwala Garrison, Khuzdar Garrison, Pano Aqil Garrison, and Sargodha Garrison.

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