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PM Modi’s ‘Era of War’ comment to Putin makes Global Headlines, winning him praises especially from American media houses

Source: News18

PM Modi's 'Era of War' comment to Putin makes Global Headlines, winning him praises especially from American media houses
Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, listens to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during their talks on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on Friday (Photo Credit: AP)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made international headlines with his statement on the Russia-Ukraine war. His comments to Putin made it to the front page of most international news outlets with most of them praising PM Modi for his statement dubbing it ‘bold’.

Mainstream American media praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for telling Russian President Vladimir Putin that this is not the time for war in Ukraine. The Modi-Putin conversation at the SCO Summit in Samarkand was widely reported by mainstream American media.

Some of the headlines that highlighted Modi’s comments include – “Modi rebukes Putin over war in Ukraine” – The Washington Post. “In a stunning public rebuke, Modi told Putin: Today’s era is not an era of war, and I have spoken to you on the phone about this” – The Daily. “The rare reproach showed the 69-year-old Russian strongman coming under extraordinary pressure from all sides” – The Post.

Modi and Putin met and held talks in the sidelines of the SCO Summit. Responding to PM Modi, Putin said, “I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine, about your concerns that you constantly express. We will do our best to stop this as soon as possible. Only, unfortunately, the opposing side, the leadership of Ukraine, announced its abandonment of the negotiation process, declared that it wants to achieve its goals by military means, as they say, on the battlefield.’ Nevertheless, we will always keep you informed of what is happening there.”

The Modi-Putin meet and greet was the lead story on the webpage of both The Washington Post and The New York Times. “India’s Leader Tells Putin That Now Is Not an Era for War,” The New York Times said in its headline.

“The tone of the meeting was friendly, with both leaders referring to their long shared history. Before Mr. Modi made his comments, Mr. Putin said he understood India’s concerns about the war in Ukraine,” The Daily reported.

The New York Times also compared Modi’s comments with that of the Chinese President Xi Jinping calling the latter’s tone ‘far more subdued.’

The international community have time and again acknowledged India’s relationship and history with Russia and have said they respect India for maintaining its current position when it comes to the war in Ukraine.

India on its part have repeatedly called for diplomatic and peaceful dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, condemning the use of violence.

(With inputs from PTI)



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