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Republic Day 2024: French Foreign Legion set to join Republic Day parade 2024: Key highlights and aerial displays

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As India prepares for its 75th Republic Day celebrations, the French Foreign Legion’s participation adds a global touch to the grand event. Captain Loic Alexandre, an officer in the Legion, expressed honor and pride in being part of this significant occasion. The upcoming parade promises a unique blend of international camaraderie and military prowess.

French Foreign Legion’s Republic Day Participation

Captain Alexandre conveyed the Legion’s gratitude for the warm welcome in India, stating, “We are very honored to be here in India. The French army has been invited, and we saw the Indian army in Paris, France, last year. So they proved that they are part of a great army, and that’s why we are very proud to be here with them.”

Highlighting the magnitude of their presence, Alexandre revealed that 130 members of the French Foreign Legion would march on Kartavya Path during the Republic Day parade. This contingent includes a music band, the second foreign infantry regiment based in the south of France, and three aircraft, including two Rafales and a tanker aircraft.

Strengthening India-France Military Ties

Emphasizing the enduring partnership between the Indian and French armies, Alexandre mentioned the importance of joint exercises. “The Indian Army is a partner of the French Army because we do a lot of exercises together each year,” he stated.Captain Louis, leading the French contingent, expressed optimism about strengthening partnerships between India and France. Referring to last year’s joint celebration of Bastille Day, he said, “I would say the partnerships concerning our two countries can be strengthened.”Unique Additions to Republic Day Parade

Louis expressed pleasure in being in India for Republic Day and highlighted the inclusion of women in the French Army. He stated, “We have been very well welcomed, and it’s a pleasure and an honor to be here for a few days in India to discover your country, but also the army.”

French Corporal Sujan, serving in the French Poland legion for seven years, extended heartfelt gratitude to the Indian government for making their visit possible. “It is a very great moment for us to be a part of the major day over here,” he said, praising the welcoming nature of the Indian people and authorities.

Republic Day Parade Highlights

As the Armed Forces conducted dress rehearsals for the Republic Day parade, the inclusion of the French Foreign Legion adds a unique international flavor to the event. Notably, French President Emmanuel Macron will be the chief guest for the sixth time, reinforcing the diplomatic ties between India and France.

Aerial Display and Military Prowess

The Republic Day parade will feature an impressive aerial display, with two Rafale Fighter Jets from the French Air Force joining the Indian Air Force’s flypast. This year’s showcase includes 29 fighter aircraft, 8 transport planes, 13 helicopters, and a heritage aircraft flying above the Kartavya Path.

Historical Touch and Indigenously Developed Aircraft

A key highlight is the portrayal of the historic ‘Tangail airdrop’ during the 1971 victory, with the debut of the indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas. The parade will witness six Rafale fighter jets in a ‘Vajraang formation,’ marking a significant moment in its history.

Diverse Aircraft Presence

The 74th Republic Day Parade will feature a substantial presence of the Indian Air Force, showcasing a fleet of fifty aircraft, including a mix of fighter jets, helicopters, and cargo planes. Beyond the Rafale, attention will be drawn to the Ilyushin 38, providing a historical touch to the vibrant display.

The Republic Day celebrations promise a memorable showcase of military strength and international collaboration, with the French Foreign Legion adding a distinctive touch to this momentous occasion.



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