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Ukraine War: Russian Su-34 bomber accidentally drops bomb in its own city of Belgorod, 2 Injured

Source : Times Now
Ukraine War: Russian Su-34 bomber accidentally drops bomb in its own city of Belgorod, 2 Injured
A view shows the accident scene following a large blast in a street in the city of Belgorod, Russia, on April 20, 2023.Mayor of Belgorod City (Valentin Demidov via Telegram/Handout via Reuters)

Ukraine War: Russian Su-34 bomber accidentally drops bomb in its own city of Belgorod, 2 Injured

Moscow: Russia‘s military acknowledged that a bomb was accidentally dropped in the city of Belgorod by one of its warplanes. Located not far from the Ukrainian border, the incident caused a powerful blast in the Russian city and injured two civilians, the military added.
Belgorod, a city of 340,000 located about 40 kilometres (25 miles) east of the Russia-Ukraine border, has faced regular drone attacks during Russia’s current military operation in Ukraine. Russian authorities blamed the earlier strikes on the Ukrainian military, which refrained from directly claiming responsibility for the attacks.
The explosion late Thursday was far more powerful than anything Belgorod residents had experienced before, news agency AP said. Witnesses reported a low hissing sound followed by a blast that made nearby apartment buildings tremble and shattered their windows.
It left a 20-meter (66-foot)-wide crater in the middle of a tree-lined avenue flanked by apartment blocks, damaged several cars and threw one vehicle onto a store roof. Two people were injured, and a third person was later hospitalized with hypertension, authorities said.
Immediately after the explosion, Russian commentators and military bloggers were abuzz with theories about what weapon Ukraine had used for the attack. Many of them called for strong retribution.
But about an hour later, the Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged that a weapon accidentally released by one of its own Su-34 bombers caused the blast. The ministry did not provide any further details, but military experts said the weapon likely was a powerful 500-kilogram (1,100-pound) bomb.
Military experts charged that the weapon appeared to have been set to explode with a small delay after impact that would allow it to hit underground facilities.
Belgorod Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov said local authorities decided to temporarily resettle residents of a nine-story apartment building while it was inspected to make sure it hadn’t suffered structural damage that rendered it unsafe to live in.
Russian commentators questioned why the warplane flew over Belgorod and urged the military to avoid such risky overflights in the future.
Some alleged that the bomb that was accidentally dropped on Belgorod could be one of a batch of modified munitions equipped with wings and a GPS-guided targeting system that allows them to glide to targets dozens of kilometres (miles) away. The Russian air force has started using such gliding bombs only recently, and some experts say that they could be prone to glitches.
In another deadly incident in the Belgorod region, two volunteer soldiers fired at Russian troops at a military firing range, killing 11 and wounding 15 others before being shot dead. IgMp



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