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Unfortunate that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson stooped to such low and gutter level talk: Philippines defence minister

Source : OpIndia

Unfortunate that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson stooped to such low and gutter level talk: Philippines defence minister
Gilberto Teodoro (left) and Mao Ning (right). (Source: Philippine News Agency/Reuters)

Unfortunate that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson stooped to such low and gutter level talk: Philippines defence minister

During a news briefing on 17th January, the defence secretary of the Philippines accused a representative of the Chinese foreign ministry of demeaning President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. by engaging in what he referred to as “low and gutter-level talk.” Spokeswoman Mao Ning was also charged by Gilberto Teodoro in a statement with “spouting state-sanctioned propaganda and disinformation”.

It read, “It is unfortunate that the PRC (People’s Republic of China) Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson stooped to such low and gutter level talk – resorting to insulting our President and the Filipino nation and further debasing herself, the Ministry, and the Party she represents in the process.”

It added, “But then again, we should not at all be surprised – being a nation and people enjoying the privileges, rights, and freedoms of a democratic society – that an agent of a Party and system of government incompatible with our way of life and who routinely spouts State-sanctioned propaganda and disinformation would go that far and that low. It is unfortunate, but I am, myself, unsurprised. The Spokesperson’s statements were ‘on brand.’ We, and the world, should not expect more.”

The president’s congratulatory statement on 15th January was followed by a statement from his foreign ministry that reiterated the nation’s “One China policy” and emphasised that the message was meant to acknowledge Taiwan’s “mutual interests” with the Philippines, including the 200,000 Filipino workers that are employed there.

However, Beijing’s extremely impolite remarks, cautioning Manila “not to play with fire” are expected to escalate tensions between the two nations who have been at odds over competing territory claims in the South China Sea.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. expressed his eagerness to collaborate with Lai Ching-te, a resolute opponent of China and its claims to Taiwan, on social media.

Mao Ning voiced dismay over the remarks and alleged, “The Chinese side is strongly dissatisfied and resolutely opposes” the sentiments conveyed by the president while calling on Manila to provide “a responsible explanation.”



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