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5,000 dead after the biggest earthquake of recent times hits Turkey, Syria and surrounding countries

Source : Financial Express

5,000 dead after the biggest earthquake of recent times hits Turkey, Syria and surrounding countries
Image Source: BBC Turkey

Turkey Earthquake Latest Updates: India has sent NDRF’s search and rescue teams to Turkey and Syria consisting of specially trained dogs, medical equipment, and drilling machines. This was right after the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) announced to send of NDRF search and rescue teams in coordination with the Government of the Republic of Turkey.

Several countries sent trained personnel to assist in the rescue and search efforts on the ground. Turkey’s disaster management agency had earlier stated that over 24,400 emergency personnel were now working their way through the rubble.

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– The first batch of relief materials from India arrived at the airport of Adana city in southern Turkey on Tuesday. The materials had left the Hindon Airbase in Ghaziabad early on Tuesday. According to an ANI report, India will send two more C-17 Indian Air Force planes to Turkey on Tuesday evening with 60 Para Field Hospital and personnel. The medical team reportedly includes Orthopaedic Surgical Team, General Surgical Specialist Team, Medical Specialist Teams apart from other medical teams. The teams are equipped with X-ray machines, ventilators, Oxygen generation plant, Cardiac monitors and associated equipment to establish a 30 bedded medical facility.

-An earthquake of 5.7 magnitude hit central Turkey on Tuesday morning, news agency Reuters said, citing the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). This was the fourth earthquake to hit the country. Turkey and Syria were hit by three consecutive devastating earthquakes on Monday.

– The U.S. Geological Survey measured Monday’s quake to be of 7.8 magnitude. The second quake, which reportedly was triggered by the first was of 7.6 magnitude. The third earthquake of magnitude 6.0 which hit the city of Goksun, Turkey on Monday. At least 100 aftershocks were observed post the earthquakes that struck southern Turkey on Monday.

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– On the Syrian side, the affected area is divided between government-controlled territory and the country’s last opposition-held enclave, which is surrounded by Russian-backed government forces, reported AP. Some historical buildings were also destroyed as a result of the quake in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama, and Tartus, the Syrian Cultural Ministry said, reported The Indian Express. The most notable damage was to the historic Aleppo Citadel, which is among the world’s oldest and largest castles. The ministry informed that it sustained “little to medium” damage, including the collapse of parts of its Ottoman mill, and the destruction of its entrances.


– The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday said that it was especially concerned about the silent areas of Turkey and Syria from where absolutely no information had emerged following the earthquakes. “We’re especially concerned about areas where we do not yet have information,” Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the WHO’s executive board meeting in Geneva, reported Reuters. “Damage mapping is one way to understand where we need to focus our attention,” Ghebreyesus added further.

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