HomeArmenia may acquire Indian EW technology Drones and Anti Drone systemsArmenia may acquire Indian EW technology, drones & anti drone systems

Armenia may acquire Indian EW technology, drones & anti drone systems

Source : IgMp Bureau

Armenia may acquire Indian EW technology, drones & anti drone systems
Archer Short Range Armed UAV (Left) and Himshakti Electronic Warfare System (Right)

We have earlier reported that Armenia is very much interested in procuring Indian UAVs and UCAVs along with Anti Drone Systems, radars, and sensors, now reports have emerged that Armenia is in active negotiation with India over the purchase of Electronic Warfare Systems.

An Armenian military expert has said that maintaining relations with just one strategic partner Russia is the wrong approach and Armenia must find new allies and India could be one of them.

It is worth noting that Armenia from time to time has stood for India at UNGA on the matter of Kashmir issue and always supported India’s stance on Kashmir and rejected Pakistan’s views on Kashmir.

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