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CRPF inducts Ishapore Assault Rifle, often touted as ‘Desi Sig Sauer’

Source : Indian Defence Analysis

CRPF inducts Ishapore Assault Rifle, often touted as 'Desi Sig Sauer'

CRPF inducts Ishapore Assault Rifle, often touted as ‘Desi Sig Sauer’

In the year 2015-16, the Rifle Factory Ishapore which was part of erstwhile OFB and now a unit of AWEIL had developed 5.56 x 45mm INSAS 1C Assault Rifle. The Rifle was extensively evaluated by Army and was able to achieve reliability of international standards.

Later, in August, 2016, Army changed its requirement of calibre for the Assault Rifle from 5.56X45mm to 7.62X51mm. As a result of the change of calibre requirement, the INSAS 1C Assault Rifle could not be inducted.

To meet the new requirement, the Rifle Factory Ishapore(RFI) has designed and developed new 7.62X51mm calibre Ishapore assault rifle in less than six months. The RFI already had experience of manufacturing 7.62 mm calibre semi automatic rifles for the Army during 1962 Indo-China war.

Image Source : Rifle Factory Ishapore


The assault rifle is a gas operated chambering 7.62X51mm NATO standard ammunition with an L1A1 20-rounds box magazine. The Rifle has a barrel length of 18 inches. It features a picatinny rail over receiver. It also features a picatinny rail at Zero O’clock for optics and another one at 6 O’clock over hand guard.

It has folding as well as retractable buttstock, which can be used to vary the size of the butt. With butt extended it has length of 935mm and with butt folded it has length of 750mm and becomes really compact and handy to carry.

It weighs 3.8KG without mag. It has two modes of firing – full auto and single shot mode. The rifle has a firing range of 550m and has a rate of fire 600-650 rounds per minute.

The rifle looks very similar to 5.56 x 45mm INSAS 1C Assault Rifle, however, features higher calibre bullet which increases its recoil just like Sig Sauer 716 and lethality at the same time. The rifle is an indigenous alternative of Sig Sauer 716.

Trial of 7.62X51mm Ishapore Assault Rifle

In September 2019, the ADGM of erstwhile OFB Kolkata informed that Ishapore Assault Rifle 7.62mm has successfully cleared the evaluation trials conducted by Ministry of Home Affairs for its Armed Forces. During the trial the rifle hit 9 out of 10 targets with bullseye. It has been fired nonstop for more than 15,000 rounds for reliability. The RFI also received prestigious Golden Peacock Innovative Product/service Award-2022 for its 7.62 X 51mm Ishapore Assault Rifle (IAR).

The IAR is far better than SLR, more accurate with manageable recoil & needs less maintenance. It is very close to SIG 716I performance and more rugged. You can drop IAR but cannot think same for SIG 716.

As per erstwhile OFB officials, the weapon is in a perfect stage, but unable to begin bulk manufacturing of the rifles till the Army places the orders for its procurement. In February 2022, CRPF was handed over with Ishapore Assault rifle. The CRPF has ordered for 100 numbers of these rifles.

Recently, Indian Government has been pushing for self reliance scheme to boost manufacturing in the defence sector. A ban has also been put on import of various defence items which includes assault rifles of 7.62 mm calibres.

The kind of combat experience Indian armed forces has in different conditionals is not available with any other army of the world. If those experiences & user feedbacks are put together and focus is given on the quality of rifle, it will undoubtedly be on par with Sig Sauer 716. But then the question is will Indian Armed forces identify this opportunity or this rifle will also meet the fate of INSAS? CRPF inducts Ishapore Assault Rifle, often touted as ‘Desi Sig Sauer’ CRPF inducts Ishapore Assault Rifle, often touted as ‘Desi Sig Sauer’ CRPF inducts Ishapore Assault Rifle, often touted as ‘Desi Sig Sauer’ IgMp



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