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India considering Rolls Royce MT30 Marine Gas Turbine for Second Aircraft Carrier IAC-2, a significant departure from GE LM2500 engine

Source : IgMp Bureau

India stands at a crossroads in its maritime aspirations as dialogues unfold with Rolls-Royce, the eminent British engineering conglomerate, regarding the propulsion of its upcoming Second Aircraft Carrier (IAC-2) utilizing the state-of-the-art MT30 marine gas turbine. This potential shift represents a remarkable departure from the current reliance on American General Electric LM2500 engines in the INS Vikrant.

India considering Rolls Royce MT30 Marine Gas Turbine for Second Aircraft Carrier IAC-2, a significant departure from GE LM2500 engine

India considering Rolls Royce MT30 Marine Gas Turbine for Second Aircraft Carrier IAC-2, a significant departure from GE LM2500 engine
Rolls Royce MT30 Marine Gas Turbine (File Photo)

Dominance in Fuel Efficiency: MT30 vs. LM2500

Within the sphere of maritime operations, the MT30 stands as a testament to unparalleled fuel efficiency compared to the LM2500, serving as a pivotal factor for prolonged sea operations. This advantage, however, comes with a higher price tag, approximately 1.5 times more than its American counterpart. Despite the cost differential, the emphasis on fuel efficiency remains paramount for extended naval endeavors.

Strategic Decision-Making: Beyond Immediate Requirements

While the design of IAC-2 mirrors the 45,000-ton displacement of the Vikrant, the preference for the MT30 over the LM2500 underscores a strategic decision transcending immediate operational needs. This shift hints at India’s strategic foresight in adopting a propulsion system not only meeting current demands but also aligning with future strategic objectives.

INS VIkrant R11 underway in the Arabian Sea with 4 Mig 29K Fighter Jet performing flypast 1
First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC-1) of the Indian Navy, INS Vikrant. Second Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC-2) will follow the same design and specifications of the Vikrant but with some modifications and new technologies (File Photo)

Advantages of Rolls Royce MT30 Marine Engine

The MT30 emerges as the linchpin in future-proofing India’s naval capabilities. Its auspicious “growth prospects” pave the way for seamlessly integrating high-energy weaponry into forthcoming destroyers and frigates. This adaptability strategically positions India for advancements in naval warfare technology, acknowledging the pivotal role of energy-intensive weaponry in the evolving maritime landscape.

Rolls-Royce’s Holistic Partnership

Rolls-Royce’s role surpasses that of a mere engine supplier. The 2021 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Rolls-Royce and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) underscores a commitment to establishing in-country servicing capabilities for the MT30. This strategic maneuver not only fortifies India’s self-reliance in maintenance but also fosters closer technological collaboration with the British firm, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach.

Decisive Naval Prowess Determination

The conclusive decision on IAC-2’s propulsion system stands as a pivotal inflection point, shaping India’s naval prowess for the foreseeable future. While the undeniable allure of the MT30’s superior fuel efficiency and future adaptability persists, the meticulous consideration of cost factors and potential geopolitical implications is imperative. This decision mirrors India’s strategic intent to construct a formidable and self-reliant navy, prepared to navigate the challenges of the future.

In conclusion, as India engages in ongoing deliberations, the nation positions itself on the global maritime stage, signaling a shift in power dynamics and underscoring its commitment to evolving as a maritime force equipped for the demands of the 21st century.

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