Home000km range Russian Sula radar that can track ballistic missilesIndia just bought 6,000 km range Russian Sula Radar that can track...

India just bought 6,000 km range Russian Sula Radar that can track space debris, satellites and ballistic missiles

Source : IgMp Bureau

India just bought 6,000 km range Russian Sula Radar that can track space debris, satellites and ballistic missiles
Russian Sula Long Range Tracking Radar

According to Russian media outlets India, China and Egypt have placed orders for Russia’s newest Sula radar which is capable of detecting space debris at a distance of 6,000 kilometers.

The Sula radar is presently getting fabricated and delivery is expected from 2023 onwards. The Sula radar has a dual usage which means it can also be used to track Long-Range Ballistic Missiles.

Sula radar was first presented at the IDEF-2021 defense exhibition that happened in Istanbul, which is why many suspect it has dual civilian and military capabilities. Russian media outlet Tass claims that the Sula Radar allows you to track the movement of satellites, space debris, and other objects in orbit at a distance of up to 6 thousand km it’s usually for satellites weighing 2tons n above but it still can track nano and microsatellites at a range of 1000km in low Earth orbit (LEO).

Sula radar antenna is built based on a modular digital active phased array antenna, which provides the station with high information characteristics, bandwidth, and noise immunity, the peculiarity of Sula is the compact size of the antenna web which means the whole complex technical structures have a size of no more than 300Γ—400 m.

India’s ISRO already operates long-range L band radars for detecting space debris and satellites but the Sula range is three times more than what India presently has now.



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