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Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Presents WWII-era Artifacts to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Presents WWII-era Artifacts to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

In a poignant ceremony in Assam, Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh handed over artifacts from the World War II era, including a parachute, uniform, and airplane parts, to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. These items were recovered during a mission conducted by the US Defense POW MIA (Prisoner of War/Missing in Action) Accounting Agency, shedding light on the historical connection between the two nations during a critical period.

The artifacts represent a tangible link to a chapter in history when the US played a crucial role in supporting the Chinese Army by providing supplies through perilous flights over the Himalayas. During World War II, several US Army aircraft crashed in the rugged mountainous terrain of northeast India, and their remains were never found.

The ceremony symbolizes a collaborative effort between the two countries to honor the legacy of approximately 400 US Air Force personnel who went missing in India during World War II. The recovery mission conducted by the US Defense POW MIA Accounting Agency aims to bring closure to the families of these servicemen who made significant sacrifices during a pivotal period in global history.

The artifacts handed over include parts of parachutes, uniforms, and airplane components, all of which serve as tangible reminders of the challenges faced by those who served in the US forces during World War II. The recovery and presentation of these items underscore the commitment to preserving and acknowledging the historical ties between India and the United States.

The US Defense Secretary expressed gratitude for India’s cooperation in this mission, emphasizing the shared commitment to honoring the memory of those who served during World War II. The recovery and return of these artifacts contribute not only to historical understanding but also to the healing process for the families of the servicemen who went missing during the war.

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