HomeIndian Navy may either repeat Kalvari class submarine order or may go for Super Kalvari classIndian Navy may either repeat Kalvari class submarine order or pitch directly...

Indian Navy may either repeat Kalvari class submarine order or pitch directly for Super Kalvari submarine program

Source : Indian Defence Updates (IDU)

Indian Navy may either repeat Kalveri class submarine order or pitch directly for Super Kalvari submarine program
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We reported yesterday that Indian Navy may close the Project-75I troubled submarine program, as per a detailed news report published by the Hindustan Times. Today a more interesting aspect of the whole news surfaces.

To acquire six advanced conventional submarines, the Indian Navy is considering scrapping of Project-75I and might either go for a repeat order of six Kalvari class submarines with the DRDO-developed Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system and Lithium-ion batteries with a higher percentage of indigenous content.

The Indian Navy has also received a proposal by the Warship Design Bureau for the development of six Super Kalvari submarines that will have two additional modules one each for the Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system and Vertical Launching System (VLS).

The Super Kalvari will have an estimated overall length of over 100 meters and a submerged displacement of over 3,000 tons which will be near twice that of the existing Kalvari class submarine.

If Project-75I is scrapped then it is likely that India will develop the Super Kalvari into a full-fledged program for six submarines that will give it the required expertise for Project-76 to develop 12 indigenous conventional submarines.



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