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Indian Navy’s P-18 Next Gen Destroyers to get sea based Ballistic Missile Defense on the lines of US Navy’s Arleigh Burk class

Source : IgMp Bureau

Indian Navy's P-18 Next Gen Destroyers to get sea based Ballistic Missile Defense on the lines of US Navy's Arleigh Burk class
Indian Navy Project-18 Next Generation Destroyer

Construction of Indian Navy’s Project-18 Next Generation Destroyers is likely to start from 2025 and these destroyers will start induction from 2032 onwards.

We have always had concerned about the number of VLS or missiles that Indian Navy warships can carry and seems like the Indian Navy’s Warship Design Bureau has taken it seriously. Recently they have released a video showcasing Next-Generation Combat Management System.

If you have seen the video which we have shared earlier, you can notice Eight cell VLS arranged in 3X3 configuration which means there are total 72 VLS in the front. What is not clear is the no. of VLS at aft. The warship is shown mostly from front where the VLS farm at front seems to be more than the one at aft. However, if both are of same size, the destroyer will have 144 VLS in total. But if the VLS at aft is smaller than one in front, it will have 48 VLS and the total no. of VLS will be 110. There are 8 slant launchers as well. In my opinion from its going to 120 VLS + 8 slant launchers. The VLS also seems to be UVLS being developed by DRDO.

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Weapons, Radars and Sensors

The Next Generation Destoyer will be built to fire the arrays of indigenous weapons for ani-surface, ant-submarine and land attack roles. The key weapons of the destroyer will be BrahMos Missile, BrahMos-NG, LRSAM-ER, Nirbhay/ITCM LACM, LR-LACM, BrahMos-II(K), Hypersonic Cruise Missile, XRSAM, VL-SRSAM & AD-1/AD-2 Anti Ballistic Missile Interceptors. The VLS will be capable of launching all 112 of these missiles. These destroyers will also be equipped with lighter version of SMART ASW missiles for taking on enemy submarines & Advance Torpedo Decoy system. The missile has a range of 643 km (400 mi) carrying a lightweight torpedo of range 20 km (12.5 mi) with 50 kg high explosive warhead. The 533mm Varunastra (or some future version of it) is likely to be the main torpedo armament. NGD will also feature a UVLS (Universal VLS) which will eliminate the need of multiple missile launchers.

These destroyers will also feature a new solid-state AESA radar called Long-Range Multifunction Radar (LRMFR) developed by DRDO that may have a detection range in excess of 500km for fighter size targets and 350km for sea skimming anti ship cruise missiles and other high speed moving targets.

Navy has even planned to integrate DEW. DRDO is in process of developing a 100kW DEW called Durga-II. The PSU has also developed a 25kW DEW that can neutralize a ballistic missile at range of 5KM. BEL is already producing the laser dazzlers for Indian Navy warships.

Recently, Lockheed Martin has delivered the 60+ kW-class high-energy laser with integrated optical-dazzler and surveillance (HELIOS) which is the first tactical laser weapon system to be integrated into existing ships of US Navy.

The DEW to be used in NGD may be a version of 100kW DEW being developed by DRDO. Indian Navy has also stated supported the integration of DEW in next generation warships. The DEW will be used as close in weapon system and may be compliment or supplement the traditional CIWS.

Overall, the NGD will feature all the latest and most lethal missiles developed by DRDO which will be absolute nightmare for the adversaries.

How will this mega ship be powered?

NGD will have huge power requirement due to its larger size and massive Radars, direct energy weapons. Railguns and EMALS system would need huge power which will be achieved with the help of Integrated Electric Propulsion (IEP) which will be future of propulsion of warships. The IEP eliminates the need for clutches and gearboxes by using electrical transmission rather than mechanical transmission of energy making warship efficient, easy to maintain, silent & stealthier. L&T and DRDO will further work on DRDO’s already launched programe Gas Turbine Enabling Technology (GATET) for developing the marine propulsion.

The planned gas turbine will deliver power up to 36 MW, and destroyer will have 2 of these to deliver a power of 72 MW, in conjugation with 2 diesel generators of 10 MW each and 2 electric propulsion motors of 20 MW. Tata Advanced Systems Ltd. (TASL) which has designed platform, bridge, and Combat Management Systems in the past will work on Diesel generators and motors.

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