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India’s 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan, Larger Than Jammu and Kashmir — Here’s Why It’s Important For India

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India's 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan, Larger Than Jammu and Kashmir — Here's Why It's Important For India
After Jammu and Kashmir, a larger Lithium reserve has been found in Rajasthan. (Image Source : Getty Images)

India’s 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan, Larger Than Jammu and Kashmir — Here’s Why It’s Important For India

In a big development, the Geological Survey of India (GSI) has found massive lithium reserve deposits in Rajasthan which are said to be more than what was found in Jammu and Kashmir earlier this year, reported IANS citing GSI and officials. The agency said that GSI and mining officials claim that the capacity of lithium reserves found in Rajasthan is higher than the lithium reserves found in Jammu and Kashmir’ Raes.

It is being reported that there is so much lithium here that 80 per cent of India’s total demand can be met from here, IANS mentioned in its report. Notably, so far, India is dependent on China for lithium. If the reports are to be believed, China’s monopoly will end as far as Lithium is concerned and the development will help aid India’s dream of 30 percent car reduction in carbon emission by 2030.

What Is Lithium? 

Lithium is a non-ferrous metal, which is used to make mobile-laptop, electric vehicles and other chargeable batteries. India is completely dependent on expensive foreign supplies of lithium which is the reason for the costly electric vehicles in the country.

Lithium is the world’s lightest metal, needed by every battery-powered device. It is also the softest and lightest metal in the world. Soft enough to be cut with a vegetable knife and light enough to float when put in water. Lithium stores chemical energy and converts it into electrical energy.

With the rising demand for electric vehicles and Lithium being an essential component, it is globally known as White Gold. IANS mentioned that the global value of one ton of lithium is around Rs 57.36 lakh.

From aircraft to wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles, mobiles and every small and big chargeable device in the house, the use of lithium is increasing.

Lithium Found In Rajasthan’s Nagaur 

The GSI has found large deposits of Lithium around Degana municipality of Nagaur district in Rajasthan. It has been found in the same Renvat hill of Degana and its surrounding area, from where tungsten mineral was once supplied to the country. According to IANS, during British rule, they had discovered tungsten mineral in the year 1914 on the hill of Renwat in Degana.

Before independence, the tungsten produced here was used to make war material for the British Army during the First World War. After independence, it was also used in the field of making surgical instruments in the energy and health sector in the country. At that time around 1500 people used to work here.

As per IANS, in the year 1992-93, China’s cheap export policy made tungsten coming out from Rajasthan expensive. Eventually, the production of tungsten was stopped here. Suddenly, the hill which was inhabited all the time and helped in the development of the country, became deserted in a single stroke.

According to the World Bank report, IANS reported, by the year 2050, the global demand for lithium metal will increase by 500 percent. From this point of view, having big reserves of Lithium will boost country’s ‘Make in India’ ambition.

As per the report, at present, the world’s largest lithium reserves of 21 million tonnes are in Bolivia. After this, there are also large reserves in Argentina, Chile and America. Despite this, China, which has reserves of 5.1 million tonnes of lithium, continues to have a monopoly in the global market.

India’s Dependency For Lithium On China 

India is heavily dependent on foreign imports for its Lithium requirement. IANS report said that India also has to buy 53.76 per cent of its total lithium imports from China. In the year 2020-21, India had imported lithium worth more than Rs 6,000 crore and out of this lithium worth more than Rs 3,500 crore was bought from China, it added.

The GSI team has said that there is a possibility of lithium deposits in some other places including Barmer, Jaisalmer. They informed that the survey team is expediting the exploration work of lithium. India’s 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan India’s 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan India’s 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan India’s 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan India’s 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan India’s 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan India’s 2nd Lithium Reserves Found In Rajasthan IgMp



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